What we're about

If you've never had any French at all, or have truly forgotten all of it, I will give you the grammar basics and get you actually SPEAKING. No learning by rote or translation exercises. I will have you starting to make your own sentences right from the start.
Born in Paris, I teach that accent.

Class began Tuesday Jan 8 and is currently full, BUT if you're interested please contact me directly at li.daniels2@gmail.com and let's start another group class (day and time to be determined). Fee is $20/hour. Beginner classes continue until you are individually ready to move up to my Intermediate class.

If you HAVE had some French, even if very long ago, you may be ripe instead for my Intermediate class on a Thursday nights, STARTING UP AGAIN ON Jan 10th. $30 per 2 hour session. I constantly correct grammar and pronunciation, as we converse. If you've got some grammar base, even if still can't speak, this one's for you.

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