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Beginners ballroom dancing - taster lesson

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The class timetable is up at - with the Tuesday beginners class starting at 6pm. Please arrive before the class starts! The entrance is in Downing Place - the side road. Walk down the road a few metres/yards and you'll see some large black metal gates. Go through the gates into the courtyard and straight ahead will be the entrance double doors. They should be open by the time you get there. Please bring money and a bottle of water with you!


It's with Cambridge Dancers' Club ( ) which has lots of new classes starting in January suitable for beginners with no experience and no partner. For the first couple of weeks of term, beginners classes are suitable for people with no experience at all. You can try before signing up for membership too. In terms of gender balance it often starts off with more women than men at the beginners' classes, but then switches the other way around at the more advanced classes. (I have no idea why). Women/followers in particular, (but also men/leaders too) if you feel the pace of beginners' classes are too slow, feel free to go to an improvers' class instead.

I used to help run this society many moons ago. It was also where some of the 'Strictly' professional dancers used to teach too, before they became famous!

The society holds ballroom dancing balls three times per year - all suitable for beginners too. (This means you have something to aim for if you decide weekly lessons are for you). The etiquette for both the ball and lessons is to change partner at the end of each dance/section. It is a social activity after all!

Hopefully, across the 20s Hotspot, Thirsty 30s and Cosmopolitan Cambridge (I'm posting this in all three) we can get a group of people who go along regularly to join the several hundred other people that go to the society's classes during term time.