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What we’re about

FRINGE Ideas. FRINGE Experiences. FRINGE Phenomena. If it isn't in your encyclopedia or taught at your university, then it is probably here on FRINGE. We discuss the Paranormal and the Unexplained: Haunted Places, Cryptids, Megaliths, Crop Circles, Secret Societies, Lost Civilizations, Panspermia, Near Death and Out of Body Experiences, Past Life Regression, Prophecies and Premonitions, Synchronicities, Strange Abductions, Mysterious Disappearances, Conspiracies Extra-Terrestrial, Ultra-Terrestrials, Miraculous Healings, Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Not only is there intelligent life in the universe, but there are intelligent discussions of all things FRINGE in our corner of Facebook: <br>

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FRINGE meets the second Monday of every month at the Bordentown Public Library in Bordentown NJ. Meetings are hosted by FRINGE's director, Sean Wasylyk. In addition, FRINGE is happy to share this Meetup Page with Pat Marcattilio, who hosts a monthly meeting, "Dr. UFO presents," on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Meetings run from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Admission is free. <br>

Inquiries: <br>