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Vesa Karvonen ( tulee esittelemään Housemarque ( koodaamiaan (Open Source) F#-työkalukirjastoja.

Tapahtumapaikka jälleen Helsingin keskustassa, tällä kertaa Sievo ( tiloissa.

Vesan esitelmän jälkeen voimme käydä lasillisella lähikuppilassa.

"Recalled is a F# library for persistent, incremental, parallel computations such as build systems. The main goals for Recalled are to make it straightforward to define such computations and to scale such computations. In this talk, we will first examine how Recalled allows such computations to be defined. For perspective, we will take a brief look at the concrete problem domain for which Recalled was designed for. Then we will seek to understand the design of the persistence mechanism of Recalled that largely determines the performance of Recalled. Last we will briefly discuss two other libraries, Hopac and Infers, that provide the infrastructure, namely lightweight parallel threads and datatype generic functions, respectively, that makes the implementation of Recalled straightforward."