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Creating Type Providers Hands On with Michael Newton

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In this session we'll start from a brand new Visual Studio project and work as a group to a type provider which:

  • Creates a namespace
  • Adds a type to that namespace with:
  • a static property
  • a constructor or 2
  • an instance property
  • an instance method

After that the workshop will continue with an opportunity for you to create your own first type provider with expect advice at hand or (if you're an old hand at all this) hack on some of the excellent open source type providers out there already.

Please come along with a laptop.


Michael Newton has worked his way in to being a developer by automating his way out of several data analysis jobs before he decided the coding was more fun than the reports.

He's been paid to write code in VBA,, Python, C#, msbuild (you pay extra for recursive build scripts...) and JavaScript with a small dash of Clojure for good measure. But he's currently most involved with the F# community and coding in it pretty much full time in his current job at 15below ( (

Michael is involved with 15below's internal developer education sessions, helping to train others in 'alternative' technologies including introducing F# itself, Fake and FsCheck to the company as well as providing more general training on coding techniques and tools.

He has not, unfortunately written any of the Mack Bolen the Executioner books, nor is he (fortunately) an expert in past life therapy. On the other hand, he is known to have a few interests outside of coding, including introducing his young son to the fine art of table top role playing and driving the sound desk at the local church.

On line he generally goes by the moniker mavnn, and blogs at (


Please register for the event on the Skills Matter site too:

116-120 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DP · London