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Streams ( is a lightweight F#/C# library for efficient functional-style pipelines on sequential, parallel and distributed streams of data that can deliver significant perforance improvements. The main difference between LINQ/Seq and Streams is that LINQ is about composing external iterators (Enumerable/Enumerator) and Streams is based on the continuation-passing-style composition of internal iterators, which makes optimisations such as loop fusion easier. In this talk, we will present the main design of Streams and the performance optimisations it allows through a series of sequential/parallel/distributed query examples, discuss benchmarks and further future optimisation possibilities.

Gian is a developer with the {m}brace project (, and a Phd student at Imperial College London. He has had a long history of developing services and enterprise applications in .NET, before being converted to the functional programming faith. Today he uses F# to tackle the challenging issues of distributed computation.