Mathias Brandewinder on Building a Twitter bot with F#

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As a follow up to my previous @fsibot endeavour, for the #fsAdvent project this year, I decided it would be fun to build a Twitter bot to enable querying the World Bank data over Twitter. Send a tweet to @WorldBankFacts with a query along the lines of "COUNTRY France * INDICATOR Population * OVER 2000 - 2010", and the bot will (if it is in the mood) send you back a hand-crafted chart, with the freshest data available from the World Bank.

In this talk, I'll explain how I built that bot from the ground up, and present some of the techniques I used, which might be applicable more broadly:

• using a Type Provider to access data from the World Bank,

• leveraging FParsec to create a simple external DSL, and convert user input to F# types,

• deploying a nano-service to an Azure VM with TopShelf.

I will also discuss some of the pitfalls I encountered, and the more-or-less successful ways I overcame them. So come over, and learn yourself how to build a Twitter bot for great good (or evil)!

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