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Use F# to Design a System

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Hope everyone enjoy the summer! It is F# time again!

This talk is about how to use F# language feature to design a software system and explore the option to design a system in a functional way. This talk tries to explore the possible answer to the following questions:

how to use F# to build a class? how to use F# to write design pattern? how to use F# in system design? prepare to join a hot discussion and show your experience and strong opinion..

F# for PowerShell

Windows Powershell is a popular scripting language and command shell, used to automate a variety of tasks. Powershell is built fully on .NET, and the most basic unit of functionality, a cmdlet, is implemented as a .NET class. Powershell script can also easily consume managed assemblies at runtime and utilize the classes therein. We will show how to author a cmdlet in F#, highlighting the performance gains we can achieve via parallelization over some built-in cmdlets and legacy tools. We will also look at how to consume a compiled F# library from script, and even how to inline F# code to a script.


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