• Édgar Sánchez Gordón: WebAssembly and FsBolero

    These days WebAssembly gets a lot of attention as an alternative/complement to JavaScript for building smart UIs that run inside a browser. In this talk we'll show what WebAssembly is about, its architecture, possibilities and limitations. Then we will show FsBolero, a set of libraries and tools that allows to write interactive Web UIs using F#, getting the functional code compiled into WebAssembly. Come to see this code filled presentation to see if F#, Bolero, and WebAssembly are the right mix for your next project! About Édgar: Six lustrums developing commercial apps ( Pascal, C, PowerBuilder, Lotus Notes, Java, C#, TypeScript, F#). In love with functional programming since learning LISP in college. Of late also active in big data and analytics with tools like DataBricks, Power BI, and ML.NET. Co-founder and CEO at Logic Studio and NetBy, software houses with offices in Ecuador and Panama, and customers in Latin America and the United States. Microsoft Regional Director for Latin America for over 15 years. Member of the F# Foundation and .NET Foundation. Beginner trail runner and triathlonist.

  • Two talks night: Karel Šťastný & Zaid Ajaj

    One night, two amazing F# talks including community guest star and member of F# Software Foundation Board of Trustees Zaid Ajaj! Karel Šťasný's talk: Azure Functions Azure Functions are Microsoft's version of serverless compute. They are an Azure service that enables you to run code without explicitly provisioning or managing infrastructure. You need neither physical nor virtual servers, not even containers to run them. Just you and the code. And your Azure account. Karel will show you scenarios where Azure Functions can simplify your life as a developer but also how and when they can (sometimes) complicate it. You will see when it is useful to consider using them, how can you go about implementing them and what problems you might encounter along the way. Zaid Ajaj's talk: Understanding bindings of React components in Fable Elmish has become the de-facto library for building front-end applications in Fable. Under the hood, Elmish uses React as the main engine to build the user interface and render it on screen. Because of this, we can utilise the entirety of the React ecosystem and re-use the existing components in our Elmish applications as Fable bindings. In this talk, Zaid will walk you through the process of building such bindings and integrating them in our applications by means of Fable's interop capabilities.

  • FSharping |> Beer

    Bernard Pub

    As every summer, we will have a beer session somewhere in Prague to chat about F#, community, conferences, projects and other great things (not only) from IT world and functional programming. Please RSVP only if you are 100% SURE that you'll come. We will book proper place later and let you know. Looking forward! ---------------------- Stejně jako minulý rok o prázdninách se i letos sejdeme nad pivkem někde v centru rozpálené Prahy, abychom si pokecali o F#, komunitě, konferencích, projektech, ale i dalších věcech (nejen) ze světa IT a funkcionálního programování. Prosím, hlaste se co nejdříve, ať zamluvíme vhodný prostor. Těšíme se!

  • Josef Starýchfojtů: FSharpPlus - Advanced FP concepts in F#

    Many developers who discover F# as their first functional language are amazed by features such as algebraic data types or immutability by default. However, this is not the end of what FP has to offer, but mere beginning. In this talk, we will go discover more advanced concepts of functional programming through a library called FSharpPlus, which provides various features such as Lens/Optics module, Monads and other common FP abstractions. I will showcase example usages of those concepts in my in-progress recommendation system for recipes, so you can see their benefit in real project.

  • Peter Semkin: Check Your Czech - a SAFE app for practicing Czech grammar

    Hello, my name is Peter, I am learning Czech and creating a service for that in F#: https://check-your-czech.azurewebsites.net. In the talk, I will describe its motivation, story and related development adventures. In short, Duolingo and other apps available for Czech help with training vocabulary and speaking ASAP. They don't help much with speaking correctly though and I don't want to sound like a child all my life. I realized that and my developer's soul commanded to create something to help me. Having C# background, after attending all the FSharping meetups, I decided to try the SAFE stack. Check Your Czech is supposed to selectively train Czech grammar rules. There are five exercises now, the project is open source under active development: https://github.com/psfinaki/CheckYourCzech

  • Krzysztof Cieślak - State of the union


    F# Community has been known for being pragmatic and focused on real-world problems. This is also shown by F# open source ecosystem - from simple libraries, through complex framework or technology stacks, to the tooling - maintainers focuses on the developer and user experience, building welcoming communities and solving people's problems. Over the last few years, the F# open source ecosystem has grown at a rapid rate - new web frameworks, new compilers, support for new editors and new tools have been announced every day... well, maybe every month. In this talk, I'll give a subjective walkthrough of the F# ecosystem, showcasing some of the best, most interesting and innovative projects that were developed over the last few years - about some of the everyone knows, some of them failed or are not as successful as they should be. I'll share all the secrets behind the success of F# OSS ecosystem, all its failures, and... all the funny anecdotes. I'll also share all my experiences of the maintainer of F# OSS projects - the lessons I wish I knew when I started building the first version of Ionide. ------- Krzysztof Cieślak Hacker, Open Source contributor, builds stuff Chris is software developer, consultant, founder of Lambda Factory(http://lambdafactory.io). He's author of Ionide(http://ionide.io/), Saturn(https://github.com/SaturnFramework/Saturn), Forge(http://forge.run), Fornax(https://gitlab.com/Krzysztof-Cieslak/Fornax), project owner and maintainer of VSCode-Elm(https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=sbrink.elm) and contributor to many OSS projects. Chris is also international speaker, that tries to convince developers around the world that OSS and FP are good, pragmatic choices for writing software. You can find him on Twitter as @k_cieslak, GitHub - @Krzysztof-Cieslak and read his blog at http://kcieslak.io

  • Karel Šťastný - Messaging in Distributed Systems

    The times when we developed big monolith systems have passed. Nowadays, systems are often separated into multiple distributed services. This brings us a lot of advantages but also some new challenges. One of the problems we need to solve is communication - how do these services talk to each other? How does one service inform others about changes in its state? How does one service ask another to perform some work for it? I will show you one approach to answering these questions in this talk, Messaging in Distributed Systems. The presentation will be focused more on general principles rather than a concrete technology.

  • Isaac Abraham: SAFE Stack - The Pit of Success for Functional Web Programming

    SAFE stack is an free, open-source, flexible end-to-end, functional-first stack for cloud-ready web applications that emphasizes type-safe programming. It allows you to develop web applications almost entirely in F#, without needing to compromise and shoehorn your codebase into an object-oriented framework or library, and without needing you to be an expert in CSS or HTML to create compelling, rich client-side web applications. This talk will demonstrate the value proposition behind the SAFE Stack, illustrating how we can develop unified client / server applications that take the best features of F# and apply them throughout the stack - such as type safety, succinctness, productivity and performance - whilst still integrating naturally with technologies and frameworks such as ASP .NET, JavaScript and React. You'll see how to create data driven server-side APIs quickly and easily, and then surface those APIs in a rich, responsive web application running in the browser, using a combination of .NET and JavaScript libraries and tools that come together beautifully. Lastly, we'll see how easily SAFE apps can be hosted on a cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure. Isaac Abraham is an. NET MVP and a .NET developer since .NET 1.0 with an interest in cloud computing and distributed data problems. He is the author of Get Programming with F# and is the director of Compositional IT. He specializes in consultancy, training and development, helping customers adopt high-quality, functional-first solutions on the .NET platform.

  • Mikhail Smal: Introduction to Fable.Remoting

    !!! We are going to close 3rd FSharping season with 20th F# meetup !!! !!! There will be little delicious surprise for every attendee !!! Mikhail Smal: Introduction to Fable.Remoting The overwhelming majority of modern client-server applications use REST a as form of communication between frontend and backend. A server provides endpoints and a client makes HTTP requests to them. In this talk I would like to show how to make these requests easier, moving away from request-response way of thinking towards RPC "local method call" approach. Fable.Remoting allows to keep the domain model in one shared place, giving a simple, RPC-style, type-safe communication just in a couple of lines of code.

  • Zpracování chyb funkcionálně


    Railway Oriented Programming je funkcionální přístup na zpracování chybových stavů programu. Tento návrhový vzor umožňuje zapsat tok programu se složitým větvením tak, jako kdyby byl zapsán lineálně. A to všechno za pomocí funkcionální kompozice a bez ztráty datových typů. Lukáš Rychtecký nám ukáže, jak pomocí funkcionální kompozice a datových typů vyženete imperativní kód z repozitáře.