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Fair Use Building and Research (FUBAR) Labs is New Jersey’s First Hackerspace. We are a Nonprofit Corporation that provides a space where people with common interests, such as computers, electronics, DIY, software, technology, science, and crafts can meet and collaborate. We are an open community offering classes, workshops, study groups, and long term projects. FUBAR Member have 24×7 access to the space and all the equipment.
Location: 1510 Jersey Ave, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Upcoming events (4+)

Open Hack Night (At new FUBAR space)

1510 Jersey Ave

We are now in our new space at 1510 Jersey Ave. Drop by to see the new space, help out or just to say hi. We may be online also, but our open hack is actually a hack the hackerspace event for the next couple weeks so we will be working on the space.

Digital music making workshop

FUBAR Labs: Fair Use Building And Research Labs

Interested in making music with electronics ? This meetup held every 2 weeks on Sat will explore analog and digital synthesizers as well as other electronic music making. Class is hosted by Hampton Sailer. Link to course description http://www.hamptonsailer.com/Synth/. IF you have any questions please sign up to our discord at https://discord.gg/dVs42Xz9Ns as the meetup chat is not monitored.

Virtual: AI Study Group

Online event

As a study group learn about Machine Learning by exploring topics selected by the group to help understand machine learning. This study group will meet once a month on the first Sunday of the month during FUBAR labs open hack Sundays.

The continuing topic for this month is applying AI to classification and analysis of photo collections: Large collections of visual information are stored in family photos. We'll start exploring what tools and techniques of machine learning can help us understand those photo collections better

Everyone is encouraged to bring and example problem, topic, or question to share for the study group.

FUBAR Member (and Prospective Members) Meeting

1510 Jersey Ave

Well it's somehow the first Tuesday of the month again, so it's member meeting time. All members and prospective members are encouraged to come.

Usual agenda, starts at 8 PM. If someone has something cool they'd like to share, please bring it.

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Past events (1,257)

Open Hack Night (At new FUBAR space)

1510 Jersey Ave