What we're about

Regular gatherings for people to expand intellectually, psychologically, spiritually, physically and mystically.
Full Circle meets one to three times a month to present insights and knowledge on a spectrum of concepts.
Full Circle Gatherings explore issues and ideas beginning with the conscious surface and coming “Full Circle” though the deeper layers of subconscious, unconscious and higher conscious.

• Reincarnation
• Alchemy
• Ahimsa (do no harm)
• Wellness (body, mind and spirit)
• Solve Habits and Addictions
• Astrology
• Spiritual Philosophies
• Depression & Anxiety
• Eastern Religion
• Western Religion
• Ceremonial Magic
• Intro to Vegetarianism
• Vegetarianism Eating Workshop
• Energy Healing
• Numerology (Divine Triangle)
• Sacred Geometry
• Meaning and Purpose
• Yoga
• Kabbalah
• Kundalini
• Taoism & Zen
Got a topic you want to suggest? Send a request and it’ll be scheduled!

• Hosted by Scott A Spackey, award winning author, master theologian, mystic, behavioral counselor and clinical hypnotherapist. Scott presents on a wide range of improvement topics from mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as well as living, dying and healing.
• Gatherings often include guests (local and from around the country).
• Gatherings often are in workshop format to learn and apply what is presented.
• Full Circle Gatherings are free but donations are encouraged.

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