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We organise spiritual talks and meditations programs by Sri Satishji (SSji) every weekend. Aim behind this group is to create sincere seekers to grow wherever they are. To live in complete awareness and stay happy all the time. To watch Sri Satishji you can visit his web page www.swargfoundation.org or listen to him on YouTube (aatmicawareness). You can also mail your question to SSji on WhatsApp for daily inspirational quotes or even ask an question which he will answer on Video. You can mail your question at aatmicawareness@gmail.com.
We are looking at creating a very POSITIVE group to go and work to uplift the society, especially elderly people and Orphan Children. We are also building a home for Senior Citizen in Pen, 75 kms from Dadar, Mumbai. You will find the details of it on Swarg Foundation site.
Come!!! Let us all together make this earth a happy place. That divine HAPPINESS begins with you!!!

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