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"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways with a thoroughly worn out body, grinning from ear to ear, screaming...

"WHOO-HOOO, what a ride!"

The name says it all! If we are going to be "FUN FRIENDS GROUP" we need to stay busy enjoying all that life has to offer. No need to sit and let life pass you by when there are so many great activities, and amazing people in this world. This group has a wide variety of members between the age of 30 to 65. This group offers a variety of social activities.

And when you do join, you will receive a big "YOU'RE IN THE HOUSE!" greeting from yours truly.

Singles group? You may be wondering if this is just a singles group... the answer is no. Although 90+% of the members are single, that is not the focus of the group. FFG is about making friendships with other 30-65 age range people! Dating may evolve from that, but we've found that everyone is much more comfortable to walk into an event alone when it's just about "going to meet some friends".

Calendar of events: The goal is to keep something on the calendar several days per week. Check the calendar link several times per week!! We add new events frequently!!

Want to host an event? We're always looking for new events to add to the calendar!!! Have you ever wanted to go to a bar, restaurant, concert, coffee shop, walks, bowling, professional sports, breweries, wineries, vineyards, or something absolutely new, etc., but just didn't want to go alone? As a member of this group, there is no need to go alone!! Consider creating an event and invite group members to join you!! Hosting simply means that you will show up a few minutes early to the event, provide nametags, help the group to gather, greet people as they arrive and help to introduce new people to others. It's very simple, and yet very rewarding! Just provide all of the details of your event in an email to me by clicking on my profile and I'll put it on our calendar. With several people planning events we will always be able to offer a diverse selection of interesting, fun things to do. Go ahead, plan an event! You'll make someone's day! Maybe yours!

$$$: Some people are paying hundreds of $$ to belong to groups that organize social events; Meetup offers us the same luxury of networking, meeting others, and group activities for much less! Starting this January 2011, with the exception of *Special Events* like house parties, dances, putting trips together, combined meetup group events, or something really spectacular there will always be a special meetup fee. The meetup fee for a regular event is generally "NADA" unless it stated "Special Event". It takes $ and time to keep this fabulous group going, so please know that your contribution is welcomed! (You can make a contribution by seeing yours truly at one of the meetup event).

Regarding all the emails: You will get a lot of emails because we have so many events to tell you about. The hassle of having a full in-box can be alleviated if you go to ; and create an email address for yourself that you will use for your Meetup mail... then you will only have to deal with all the emails when you have time to do so.

So c'mon in and "BE IN THE HOUSE!" and have fun with the members of the FUN FRIENDS GROUP!



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