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HOLA, We are Fun Spanish ( English) on meetup open to all with a variety of social activities. We have different opportunities to learn Spanish without the pressure of a classroom environment. We are going to meet in different places, talk, and participate in language exchange exercises to meet new friends. Spanish speakers are welcome to meet and help Spanish learners in a realistic approach. English speakers are welcome to give others the opportunity to improve their English as well.
We are going to make this time fun, and we will coordinate other activities outside this space for weekdays and weekends. All levels are welcome. The only prerequisite is to come with an open mind, relax, and have a real goal to find new people, make friends, and ready to be exposed to conversational Spanish ( and share your English too)
Essential points to check before you join this group:
1- Do you want to meet new people and have the opportunity to practice Spanish and/or English?
2- If you speak another language, are you willing to share with a participant your language and culture for exchange practices?
3- Are you ready to send a confirmation that you are coming to the event? The coordination of this is essential for our facilitator, knowing how many people and what kind of background they have ( for example, if they are native Spanish speakers or native English speakers) help the group. The facilitator knows beforehand what kind of games, exercises, practices, role play, exchange groups, etc. are the best for that event. This is one of the most crucial points in our interaction.
Keep in mind that if you say you will be attending and do not show up on many occasions you can be removed from our group. We try to have a real number of active participants.
4- Are you willing to be an active participant? You can invite friends to participate and sign up as a member, as well as offer ideas to use in our meetings. Our coordinator who is working for the group will evaluate your proposal. All will be considered, but not all can be used at that meeting, perhaps in the future, we can use one of your ideas to improve the experience.
5- Please, be patient and flexible.
6 Except for some exceptions, the meetings are usually open to all 18+ Do you feel that you are open to diversity and can interact with others even though other people could be from different cultures, have different language abilities, experiences, ages, or religions from you?
7- Are you open to errors? This practice is based on the idea of mutual help, mutual benefit and acceptance that no one is perfect. Please only join us if you agree entirely to our philosophy and if you will not judge others’ errors but offer help for improvement.
Are you willing to collaborate with facilitators, participants, coordinators, and anyone who needs help as you are a part of this team? Remember that you acknowledge and accept that you are responsible for yourself, and your own actions. If you invite someone that is not part of the group yet, you are responsible for her/his behavior, and you agree to leave the place if your invitee is not behaving in an aceptable manner. (we have a strong policy for this)
The coordinator is not responsible or liable for your safety, we are using public spaces open to all, and you must follow all the rules that the place enforces.

Spanish Meetup is led by a professional who helps you to improve the language that you feel you need to improve. We hope this is a diverse group, singles or couples enjoying social activities during these meetings, and presents the opportunity to practice Spanish or English in different settings, such as dining, hikes, walks, movies, etc. Come and make new friends! We encourage a relaxed style of learning without any pressure as you immerse yourself in Spanish but meet some English speakers as well. This is a new group. Some events are free, others may require a donation. We encourage you to help maintain the group. At the event you can make a donation ( for the coordination, time, maintenance of the group, etc.). During the year we ask for a collaboration of 2 dollars a month for the maintenance of the meetup group cost. You can suggest new places, new meetings, and activities after you come for more than 3 times. This is you group and your friends. Join us and help us to improve this unique experience.
Please, put your real picture when you join the group, honesty will be appreciated.

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Preparando un viaje a un lugar donde se habla español. Practiquemos (all levels)

If you are planning a great trip or you want to improve your Spanish for another goal, come and practice. We have a lot of great ideas.

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