What we're about

How’s your 2014 shaping up?

Feeling fulfilled and energised?

Do you have the right people around you to truly succeed and be happy?

It doesn’t matter WHAT the answers are to the questions above, all that matters is that you tried to answer them....

You see we believe that you can never be TOO fulfilled or TOO energised, and you can never have TOO many of the right people around you helping you to succeed and be happy. All you DO need is the right attitude and a seriously determined work ethic.

Which is why we want YOU to get involved in our FUSION Events...

What’s FUSION? Glad you asked! It’s a brand new gathering of like minded, passionate and dedicated women who join forces to encourage and motivate one another to be great and achieve greater.

It’s being brought to the UK by an organisation called Step Into The New You- a pioneering company that promises to join YOU and the things YOU need to truly maximise your life, your dreams and your future.

Step Into The New You is the brain child of Tracey Woods and Lauren Lovett and was born because they were just fed up with the boring, run of the mill networking events out there that promised you the earth and delivered you very little. They’d had enough of spending thousands on their personal development and education and seeing little to no return, so they set out on a journey to recruit some of the brightest, most successful female entrepreneurs out there and encourage them to participate, teach and sometimes just listen to every single woman out there who had the energy and determination to make something of herself.

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