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This is a group for anyone interested in Self-healing, Self-understanding and Self-awakening. Shelly Hanson, a certified apprentice of Max Christensen and his Kunlun System® will teach the fundamental practices of the system once per month to anyone interested in discovering their "True Nature/Self". Kunlun System®, is a system that teaches once secret, ancient Taoist practices, specific breathing and postures that catalyze personal growth and enlightenment. This system is unlike other enlightenment systems. KUNLUN utilizes a unique magnetic field that prepares and protects the body for an increase in chi. With regular practice, psychic heat is produced, clearing and toning the 72,000 nadis (energy channels) within the body leading to the opening of dormant abilities, increasing awareness and stilling the mind.

This system is Not recommended for:
Anyone under 18 years of age
Anyone with Bi-polar condition
Anyone with less than 6 months sobriety
Anyone using recreational drugs regularly.

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Kunlun System® Introductory Talk and Q&A

Discover Kunlun System® and meet certified Kunlun System® apprentice, Shelly Hanson. Shelly will provide information about this unique system as well as have time for a Q&A

Kunlun System® Level I, Awaken to Your True Nature

Introducing Kunlun System® A System Enhancing Self-healing, Self-understanding and Spiritual Self-Awakening Max Christensen’s Kunlun System® contains, once secret, ancient Taoist practices that facilitate profound energetic and spiritual growth. The chi practice taught is designed for and balanced by the KUNLUN magnetic (heart) field generated in this system. By utilizing this unique magnetic field, the body is prepared and protected from an overt or long-standing increase in chi or bio-etheric energy. As Kunlun amplifies the flow of energy in the body, emotional & energetic blockages are released from the body leading to improved health and the awakening of the Heart/Mind, the source for accessing profound levels of insight, connection and well-being. Read more at Max's website: http://www.primordialalchemist.com/kunlun-neigung/ LEVEL I CLASS taught by Certified Apprentice of the Kunlun System®, Shelly Hanson The class is designed for the novice through advanced practitioner to ... • Release blocks in the body • Learn to do a practice that will awaken dormant abilities • Experience joy, bliss, peace and happiness • Detoxify, improve blood circulation and release blockages • Increase energy, develop balance, awareness and intuition WHAT: Participants will learn the following breathing, meditation and postures: • One Breath: Balances the body, mind and spirit, and brings calmness to the active mind • I-Jong: • 5 Elements Postures: Strengthens organs, balances emotions and is the physical building block toward spiritual freedom • KUNLUN™ Method: KUNLUN Method generates psychic heat that tones and clears the seventy-two thousand nerves called “nadis” thus purifying the entire body and ensuring that the nerves can handle much stronger magnetic potentials. This is very important, because the further you go with this practice the stronger the internal current becomes. • Laughing Qigong….and more as time permits WHERE: 30 minutes South of Charlottesville. Will receive address once a confirmation is received. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: KUNLUN is NOT recommended for people who • Have less than 1-year of sobriety or regularly use recreational drugs including marijuana • Have bipolar issues • Have or are being treated for blood cancer • Are younger than 18-years old • Are 7+months pregnant If you have any medical condition, let me know before we start the practice so we can work out the best plan for you. Let me know if you have any medical issue that makes it painful for you to stand or sit for more than twenty minutes. RECOMMENDATIONS for class participation: • Eat a balanced meal the night before and day of the class • Dress in comfortable clothing • Avoid wearing perfume, scents and essential oils • Drink plenty of fluids or water throughout the day of practice and avoid excess caffeine • All practices are voluntary and participation is not required. • Surrender and Smile. This facilitates the proper flow of energy during the practice. Practice smiling and letting go • Come with an open heart and mind. “Mind is Gravity” Space is limited to a maximum of 6 people. Please confirm with Shelly by email or to ask questions. [masked] Peace and Blessings 

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