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FAVOR Lowcountry is a group of individuals who are either in recovery or who are recovery allies.

Addiction and its consequences make the news. But the facts are; people do recover from addiction and that recovery is a reality.

FAVOR Lowcountry is about advocating and supporting recovery and putting a face on recovery success. Anyone who used to have problems in their lives from using alcohol, illicit or non-prescribed medications who no longer use alcohol, illicit or non-prescribed medications.

There are many pathways into recovery. Some people enter “Recovery” through a treatment program, but a lot of people do not. Recovery includes people who belong to Faith Based Recovery Programs, 12 Step Recovery Programs, Virtual Recovery Programs, Secular Recovery Programs, Medication Assisted Recovery Programs or people who just stopped. Recovery is a personal experience and it’s local. The purpose of a Community Listening Session is to find out what kind of things work in the Charleston area to help support people in their recovery, what kind of things give them hope and also what kind of things need to be improved upon to support people’s recovery.

The best source of this information is not from “professionals” it’s from folks with real-life experiences. As a grassroots based organization supporting the recovery community; we want individuals and family members to join us, to share with us and to help make our community better....

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