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FairShare International (FSI) is about actively working towards a world in which everyone on the planet can benefit from the good things in life. This is a chance for you to be part of the change you want to see in the world!

FSI provides a formula for ethical living to create a sustainable world with strong communities where financial wealth is more equitably shared. The FairShare community uses the formula to plan action and evaluate personal progress. Here's how it works:

5. Lessen the gulf between rich and poor by redistributing 5% of your personal wealth

10. Protect the Earth for future generations by reducing your use of resources by 10% each year until you can do no more

5. Build community by contributing 5% of your leisure time to direct, face-to-face assistance where your help is needed

10. Promote a fair and democratic global societyby taking ten significant actions each year

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Using Cooperatives - and achieving your goals!

We'll get together for a tour of Alfalfa House, a well-established community cooperative in Newtown - and a chat about how using one could help you help the world. Being a part of a cooperative like this can help you achieve your[masked] goals by: reducing the volume of waste you produce; and giving some of your spare time in face-to-face community work. We might have our chat over some food or drink, too. I'm thinking of making this event on a Thursday evening, because the place is open until 8pm that night. Feel free to comment!

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Parramatta Homelessnesss Street Count

Needs a location

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