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Beginners and veterans welcome! If you're D&D curious or want to play D&D and other tabletop RPGs, you will be right at home in this group. Let’s get together and skirt around dungeons, make friends with dragons, and run away from the cloaked figure beckoning us in the tavern. Or maybe I got that mixed up.
Our primary events are held at the Games & Comics Pair O Dice game shop in City of Fairfax, Friday afternoons. We're looking to expand our meets to other days and venues, so keep an eye out for new events coming soon!
This is a welcoming community with no tolerance for discrimination against any group. Except gnomes. Gnomes can go tinker elsewhere. Just kidding! Seriously, all are welcome, so bring yourself and an open mind to one of our meetups!
Feel free to post in the discussions section of the meetup if you are looking to start or join a group.
If you are interested in DMing one of the one-shots we run at an event, please contact Peter either here or on the discord below!
Join our discord server! https://discord.gg/gHZtxpDb4P

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Huzzah Chapter: Adventures in Eganara!

Needs a location

Are you new to Dungeons and Dragons and looking for a group? Are you returning to the hobby and trying to become acquainted with fifth edition? Do you seek adventure and the downfall of evils who lurk in shadows?? Then come on down to Huzzah Hobbies, we got a seat saved for you!

THIS WEEK, we find ourselves in the town of Arrowguard, a bustling town of business and commerce with swelling amounts of seedy activity… Recently an exotic beast merchant has gotten there hands on a rare and dangerous specimen which must be recovered quickly and discreetly.

WE ARE LEVEL 2!!! If you would like some assistance in making your character, please feel free to reach out to any of the DM’s via discord(Follow the link below!), and if discord doesn’t work for you feel free to come out early and we would be happy to help you in person! As far as rules concerning character creation please check our discord for all regulations. We will have a select amount of Pre generated characters for you to pull from if you need one however we do encourage trying to make a character and having it prepared by 6pm!

We are in the home brewed setting of Eganara! A huge continent full of high magics and clever artificers. FOR RETURNING PLAYERS, all items and gold received in past adventures are still owned by your character! FOR NEW PLAYERS, all items and gold you will receive as you journey this vast vibrant land may be kept for future adventures!

We are a welcoming, open minded community for people of all walks of life and from all backgrounds. We are focused on beginner players and play low level fifth edition mostly, taking our time a bit to make sure everybody is understanding the game and having fun. If you would like to reach out to the event hosts please follow the link below and that will direct you to our discord!

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Natural Ones - Friday Double Feature!

Needs a location

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