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This group is for anyone who is intellectually humble, doesn't take themselves too seriously, and considers themselves a freethinker. We like having fun while challenging our ideas/beliefs as well as the ideas/beliefs of others. Unlike on social media, here there are no taboo topics. My only rule is to respect people, not ideas. Please join if you enjoy discussing epistemology, ethics, psychology, sociology, theology etc., or simply enjoy food and drinks.

If you have kids feel free to bring them as well.

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Free Will (Pros and Cons)

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This month we will be discussing the concept of Free Will. - Do we pre-decide our thoughts? (Can we "will" what we "will"?) - How much does social media manipulate us? - Is free will simply the ability to make a choice, if so, do animals have it? - Is free will simply the feeling of free will? - Does everyone have the same amount of free will for every choice? - If free will is a spectrum, should moral culpability for choices also exist on a spectrum? - Are people easily manipulated if they believe in free will? - Can free will create the illusion that individuals are ultimately responsible for everything that happens to them, which ignores social factors? - Are there individual costs for believing in free will? - What are the individual and social benefits of believing in free will? - How would we determine appropriate punishment for someone who commits a crime if we assume there is no free will? - If there is no free will, how can humans decide to create habits (write their own software? - Is quantum physics (apparent randomness) compatible with determinism? https://www.informationphilosopher.com/freedom/taxonomy.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCGtkDzELAI&t=60s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KETTtiprINU If you have any questions you want to discuss, please post in the comments! https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85479470762?pwd=c3FFTTVJMGVKNHhzQmhHazZXUUg5Zz09 Meeting ID:[masked] Password:[masked]

Please sign up in advance for Freethinker Bloodletting Scalpel Edition

Let's do a blood drive for Red Cross. We need 50+ sign ups to schedule a bus to come to us. Even though this is too far out in the future, we need enough names for the bus to come to us. Please send me your first and last name so I can submit to the Red Cross. We are entertaining the idea of picking up a public park to do this and combine it with a picnic/potluck for us to gather. That way we can donate, dine and delight in each other's company. This date is tentative but trying for a Saturday in October in honor of Halloween. Initially I need full names of 50 people for them to make it worthwhile to even attempt to come to us. When you sign up please make sure you have your full name on the profile. If privacy is a concern, just message me on Meetup with your full name. If potential donors have questions concerning their eligibility i.e. travel, medication and etc., they can call[masked] for more information.

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Freethinkers Virtual "Brunch"

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