Debunking Weight Loss Myths - Confessions from A Personal Trainer


Have You Tried Everything to get to your goal weight with little or no sustainable results? Have you followed the common advice of 'move more and eat less' and still didn't see the needle moving for you?

Many of us have lost weight only to gain it back and then some on a diet that wasn't a real lifestyle change.

Are you sick of the yo-yo dieting? Are you unsure what works and what doesn't?

Do you crave the answers that will lead to real & lasting change?

This free seminar will go over some of the most common myths and probably some that you have not heard of as well. We will give you the answers to what it really takes to get healthy and lose weight (and keep it off).

Who can relate to feeling a lack of energy, and suffering to get through your busy day while battling hunger, indecision on what to eat and lots of stress? We will give you effective and easy strategies to help.

Join Patricia Sullivan, a Master Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Nutritional Consultant, discuss what the 13 + years of study and practice has led her to believe.

This event is free but there is limited seating so don't miss out.

What attendees have said:

"I LOVED IT. Thank you (Patricia) and Patrick" - Holly H.

"Yes I can do it because of you...thank you so much Patricia" - Ayida G.

About the Presenter:
Patricia is co-owner of All Bodies Fitness and a Master Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritional Consultant with over 12 years experience working with adults and teenagers from every walk of life. Patricia loves bringing the elements of fitness to the general population with educational seminars, workshops, group fitness classes, boot camps, small group training and one-on-one personal training and coaching.

She has led thousands of workout classes and sessions for beginners, as well as advanced fitness enthusiasts. As Patricia states it, "I especially enjoy working with sedentary adults with little or no fitness experience to become healthier. They start out uncertain and may feel a little awkward but they quickly learn to move better, feel more energetic and become more confident in and outside of the class. That lites me up!"

As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Patricia provides dietary recommendations and strategies for incorporating a more health-producing diet and weight management routine. She knows that the way to good health is incorporating a healthy mindset with a smart diet and solid exercise routine to support a healthy body.

Patricia's background includes working with the mentally ill and head injured populations which she believes has helped her grow her leadership abilities. Patricia states, "my life experiences has lead me to become a strong believer in a person's ability to grow and achieve any goal with the right focus and support."

It is Patricia's core belief that with patience and perseverance, everyone can have a healthy life and achieve their goals. She brings her positive mindset and fortitude of strength to her mission to be the proper advocate to facilitate her client's success.