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Ladies, I hope you are all safe, healthy in body, mind and spirit. I've missed everyone so much! Because the Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives we are going to make changes to our group in order to continue. Below is an outline of pending steps that are intended to get us from where we are today to our new beginning.

Our main purpose will not be changing. We'll strive to have a small group of women who socialize and genuinely care and lift each other up. We love our group as a whole and the individual members dearly. We may not be able to conduct the same type of events as before but we are dedicated to finding a safe way to move forward. With that in mind:

1- I will not be able to host events or attend as freely as in the past. I am in good health, but I have a chronic health condition that will not allow me to fully participate in the group due to the risk of contracting Covid-19. This created an awkward circumstance when trying to be a group leader, so I solicited help.

2- Ana and Sandra to the rescue! We have two members who will volunteer their hosting talents so that we can continue having events as appropriate to the current public health guidelines. This is very exciting! Without them our group would not be able to continue. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ana and Sandra!!

3- To reset the group we will apply some new terms and conditions of membership. We will have an acknowledgement of self-responsibility for protection against Coronavirus and promise not to sue should you contract Covid-19. I feel that this is necessary to legally protect myself and the people who give of themselves to host events. We will also require that members not attend events if they are experiencing any virus symptoms and that promise to follow the public health guidelines that are announced by the event host. We will make our group a zone that is free from talk of politics and religion.

4- To properly set up this reset we will remove all members of the group and have each person reapply for membership. If you reapply you will be asked to explicitly state that you agree to the three new terms of membership. Although we will miss you, there will be no hard feelings if you decide not to join back up with us right now. Catch us later if the time is right.

5- Members will be accepted into the group in the order of number of group events attended. If you attended a lot of events in the last few months you will be one of the first members back in to the group. We cannot start back up with 50 active members and keep events manageable for the group leaders. It is not fully clear right now how we will manage this but our intent is to allow everyone to fully participate.

6- We'll not be allowed to take 20 women at a time to the movies and dinner right away so our events will be for very small groups. We are also planning a number of small outdoor events where a greater degree of social distancing is possible.

Let's evolve and move forward and if we do look back on our past together we'll do it with fondness.

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