What we're about

This is a ladies only 40+ group (for now). Focus of group is to live a healthier lifestyle either by losing weight or maintaining the weight that you have lost. I am a licensed psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist with a private practice in Fairfax VA . I want to teach you how to lose and/or maintain your perfect weight. We will meet at Planet Fitness 2/3 nights a week then have a group session combining hypnosis and mindfullness. (This is not a therapy group!). A basic membership to Planet Fitness is highly encouraged but not required. Although I am member of Planet Fitness, I DO NOT get a kick back from them for you joining. I like to practice what I preach so a healthier lifestyle starts with an exercise program. This is a new group so you will have a lot of input as members. Member ship fee is $8.00 per group. Membership fees pays for the Meet-up Fees , water, learning materials, etc... No obligation. Call me if you have any questions @ 703-409-6258. We just need a few brave ladies to start!

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