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What we’re about

Tak, a beautiful game. Created and described by Patrick Rothfuss in his Kingkiller Chronicle.

It's a new board game of the style of Chess or Go, with simple rules, but complex strategy.

You can find out more about Tak, it's rules, and even print out your own board here: (we are not affiliated with Cheapass Games in any way) - you can play it with any grid and some coins!

This group is for people who want to play, or want to learn how to play Tak. We will get together in some kind of restaurant, play Tak, teach Tak, and socialize.

You don't have to be a fan of Rothfuss or the Kingkiller Chronicle to enjoy Tak. Come! Learn how to play a beautiful game.

You can also play Tak online at or, for a nicer interface (both are equivalent - you must log in with an account or as Guest to be able to play).

You can learn more about Portable Tak Notation (PTN), and record a game or step through previous games at  We will try and record games we play with PTN so others can enjoy them in this way (it's not required).

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