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Truro Church

10520 Main Street · Fairfax, VA

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Fairfax Toastmasters ( is the main chapter (in the Fairfax, Virginia area) of Toastmasters International (, the most cost-effective, and "funnest", way to learn and practice the skills of communication and leadership!

You may have heard of Toastmasters International (, and think it's all about public speaking. That's part of it, but it's really much broader: it's about all forms of communication, plus leadership! Join us and you'll learn to control your nervousness with strangers (singly or in crowds), make your point clearly and concisely, think on your feet, give (and take) feedback gracefully, inspire others, and much more.

You are welcome to attend as a guest, to check us out. However, to get the best benefit, you need to give speeches, take other meeting roles, even be an officer, and those require becoming a member of Toastmasters International ( That's dirt-cheap, though, at a mere $90 a year -- the best investment you'll ever make in yourself!

You might wonder, why join Fairfax Toastmasters in particular? You're right to wonder, we might not in fact be the right local club for you. The atmosphere varies widely from club to club -- some are very formal and businesslike, while others are so laidback you'd think it was just a bunch of friends chatting. We try to make it both fun and effective, making you comfortable while also making sure that you get the full benefit of the Toastmasters International ( educational program. After all, the founder of Toastmasters (, Ralph Smedley, said "We learn best in moments of enjoyment." Or as I prefer to phrase it, "If ya ain't havin' fun, yer doin' it wrong!" You might find that a different club better suits your style, needs, schedule, location, whatever... but do check us out.

The club usually has about twenty to thirty members, of which maybe 2/3 show up at any given meeting, making it an excellent place to network. (The Meetup doesn't have all our members, and not all members of the Meetup are members of the club.)

Lastly, though we meet in a church, we are not a religious organization. People of any faith (or none), race, ethnicity, national origin, etc. are welcome. (In fact, if English is not your first language, this is also a great way to practice it!) The only restriction is that you must be at least 18 years old to join.

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