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Hello Fellow Video Producers, As of this writing, we have 71 active members and for 2017 we are going to get this group off the ground. This group is open to all job titles of professional video production. We (video producers) work in a vacuum of sorts, and we can all benefit from networking with other like-minded professional video producers and crew. The truth is, there is plenty of work for all of us, especially in this age of internet video. I have been running the successful video production company "Talkingbox DMG" (www.talkingbox.tv) for more than 23 years, and business is only picking up. I currently have more work than I can handle and I would love to partner with other professionals to share some of my workload. I'm hoping to create a group where video professionals can meet, network, share resources, and if nothing else, brainstorm how to handle the ever-changing technical and aesthetic landscape in which we operate. I have no idea if there are enough video producers and crew in the area to sustain a meetup group, but I hope to find a thriving community of both like-minded professionals and "up-n-comers". So please take a few seconds and sign up for this group. Only good will come of it. Once we see how many are interested, we can start making plans. Thanks for your time. Matt Abourezk

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