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FairVote WA Tacoma/Pierce County Meeting!
FairVote Tacoma/Pierce, along with FairVote WA, is working to make Better Elections Possible! Come join us for our monthly meeting to discuss local and state strategies and options available and how to move these forward. By passing election reforms we can reduce negative campaigning and polarization, fight the effects of gerrymandering, make elections better represent the views of the voters and even end the 2-Party system. Most people agree there are problems with the American system, but few people have a specific plan on how to fix those problems. We have a plan. We figured out all the specific little details to make things better, and if you give us 30 minutes, we explain the plan to you. We are proud to have liberal and conservative members of our group. We are not a partisan group, we just want to make democracy work again.

Parkway Tavern

313 N I St Ste 1 · Tacoma

What we're about

Our Mission: FairVote is a nonpartisan champion of electoral reforms that give voters greater choice, a stronger voice, and a representative democracy that works for all Americans.

Who We Are: FairVote is the nation’s leading advocate of fairer voting methods that give voters a stronger voice and a democracy that works for all. We analyze elections and build support for nonpartisan reforms at the local, state, and, ultimately, nation level through strategic research, communications and collaboration. Founded in 1992, FairVote has a proven record as a reform trailblazer in advancing bold changes with creative strategies that show that change within reach. Today we are the driving force behind winning ranked choice voting and multi-winner legislative districts that together will open up our elections to real choice and more civil campaigns, end gerrymandering, and make every voter matter in every election.

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