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The difference with our program is that we focus on the human and we don't complicate the dog training process. In this program you will learn how to have a loving and respectful relationship with your dog that goes both ways. This really is what sets our training apart from any other program you may have used before. If you don't have a healthy balance of Love and Respect with your dog then you probably don't have a complete relationship.
If you need help establishing good conduct and curbing bad habits such as pulling on your walk, jumping on your guests and over- exuberance, enroll now! All breeds of dogs (3 months or older) may join this 8-week class. All basic obedience commands including Heel, Automatic Sit, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Distractions, Mastering the walk, Recall (Come!) will be covered. Certificates will be awarded at graduation.

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Aggressive Dog Workshop

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Does this sound familiar? - My dog growls at me when I get close to his toys or food - I have to crate my dog because he will destroy my home - I can't have friends over because my dog might bite them - My dog has bit another dog and is not socialized - My dog pulls me on the leash when I talk him for a walk. When Aggressive/Reactive dog behavior occurs, its a symptom of a larger problem so we diagnose the illness as a whole. Behaviors like resource guarding, lunging, barking, territorial issues and much more stem from the imbalance emotions of a dog. Obedience is only 25% of the issue. Aldo Cecchi, Master trainer in USA and founder of Falco K9 Academia in Argentina. Aldo has over 28 years experience in rehabilitation of aggressive dogs. In Argentina, he created k-SAR, the first civilian collection of search and rescue dogs in the state of Cordoba. Founded the Team of German Shepherds, won Regional, State, and National Championships for IPO dog sport. The US Government gave Aldo a VISA O1 to recognize his extra ordinary abilities to continue his movement of dog training internationally. At this workshop Aldo will teach you how to stop/significantly reduce these behaviors in 1 1/2 days with his HDT training method. Limited Spaces Available Day 1: Lecture/Learning about the emotions of dogs How to get a well balanced dog Day 2: Workshop ( Bring dogs on Sunday only) must bring a crate. water, high value food. Location: Yorba Linda (TBD) Tickets are[masked] if you want to bring your dog (1 person 1 Dog)[masked] just to come watch and learn (per person) Payment must be paid by paypal (friend and family only) to [masked], be sure to include "HDT seminar" in the message. Don't Have paypal? Sign up on our website: Further information will be given when registrations are received. No refunds will be given.

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