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There is a saying that “happiness is a state of mind”. It is also well known that happier people keep better health. So, from a health perspective, if the mind has a panic attack then there is a physical response in the body with shortness of breath.

This is one example of how the mind affects the body. So, in order to keep physically well, you have to look after your mind too, as negative thoughts and feelings create imbalance in the body and manifest imbalance in the body in many ways.

When the combined energy of several people come together with a shared intention, then the shared intention is magnified by the attendance of everyone in the same room with the intention – “to heal”.

Furthermore, by combining meditation with energy healing, the results can be quite amazing as previous feedback suggests…

"I was extremely surprised and happy to discover that my neck and shoulder pain has completely disappeared! My muscles are soft and relaxed as opposite to tension and pain to touch I was experiencing before. Since the session I sleep much better, my mood has changed- I feel happier, relaxed, full of energy just like a new born! I will recommend Richard to all my friends! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"I found it very interesting and will certainly come to another event."

"Would definitely do again and thank you for sharing your gift."

"It was a fantastic experience, felt very cleansed and refreshed afterwards. Felt like a new version of me. Highly recommend."

If this sounds like your “cup of tea” then why not invite and bring a friend with you?

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The Power of Karma

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The Power of Karma

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The Power of Karma

Meditate & Heal

The Power of Karma

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