What we're about

Parents and families of special needs youths in Northern Virginia.

There is currently no organizer for this group with 14 interested people.

My wife and I are in Falls Church and are the parents of a special needs 12 year old boy. We are willing to host a meetup to ascertain interest among area families.

We'd like to begin with children ages 9-13 with special needs (i.e., ADD, ADHD, LD, ASD, HFASD, ID, developmental disabilities, behavioral challenges, etc.) If we need to expand ages and/or types of special needs, we can help organize that.

We'd like to provide support on two levels:

1) PARENTS: Networking and support surrounding area resources.

2) YOUTHS: Playdates, social skills development, safe and affirming spaces for our children.

We can host the first meeting at our home or at a public place (park, Jumping Joey's, Bowl America in FCC, etc.) and go from there.

If you are interested, please join us, tell us a little about yourselves and needs and if you wish to be a member and/or organizer.


Upcoming events

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