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Crazy world events coffee social in griffith park
Be ready to question everything you learned! This will be about connecting the dots to make our own conclusions about what really is going on. Need minimum of 10 signed up. Will let everyone know by thursday night. Otherwise it will be postponed. Lets talk about the crazy world events going on in the world, such as • Syria. Will this lead to a bigger war? What is Syria really about? Is Syria really about oil pipelines? Is Syria really about saving the Petrodollar? • North Korea. Will that be the next war? Will there be an EMP attack and North Korea be blamed? Or is all this scare mongering to sell more weapons to countries next to NK? Is NK really about them not having central bank and lots of mineral resources? Or is it really about diverting our attention from the real issues such as high unemployment, too much debt and inflation making americans poorer, and globization causing jobs to leave america? Cyptocurrencies--is it part of the agenda to go cashless? • Isis . Is the usa really fighting isis? Should we really be afraid of isis if our allies our funding them? Why isn't the USA going after our allies for funding them? • Petrodollar. Why are countries trying to take down the USA dollar? Should we buy gold or silver? Is the dollar going to lose its value by 2018 or sooner? and & • Were Qaddafi and Sadaam overthrown because they left the petrodollar? • Was there a gag order over the attack of USS Liberty? Was it a failed false flag? • Is the US bombing Yemen because of globalism? • Are there 8 families who control US? Do presidential scandals happen when they get out of line? • Are there Illumanti symbols on the US dollar? Can sound waves/frequencies (Royal Rife) cure many diseases? Has this cure been suppressed by big pharma? Has Tesla's free energy been suppressed by the oil cartel? • Did Paul McCartney of the Beatles die and was he replaced? • Does Hillary have a body double? • Did the US try to win Vietnam war? Why were there many rules of engagement? Or was it fought because it was profitable? How come US fought many wars against communism and never won? Was it meant to happen that way? Was the USSR the best enemy money could buy as author Sutton stated? • HAARP • Transhumanism • Le Cercle • Does the yellow tassle on the US flag mean we are under Admiralty law and not Constitutional law? • Did the Bush family know the Hinckley and bin laden families? • Is china becoming a reserve currency a threat to the dollar? Are BRICs an economic threat? • Are the SDR notes going to replace the doĺlar? Will it be cashless? Why are countries moving away from cash? Are we moving to a one world currency and one world government under the UN? Are Canada, America, and Mexico going to merge into one country? • Are inflation and negative interest rates really hidden taxes? Is negative interest rates going to come here? Will "Bail in" come here? Will hyperinflation come here? • Patriot act, tpp, tpip, and ndaa • Are people who are for free speech being labeled as NAZIs? Are people who support the Constitution being labeled as NAZIs? Is it really about divide and distract from real issues? Is this part of communism taking over? • Are communists secretly taking over? What is the the agenda behind gun control? Is it to bring totalitarianism? Are there crisis actors being used for fake terrorist attacks for agendas? • is there an agenda behind the massive migration in europe? • Is the mainstream media honest? 6 corporations control 90 percent of it. • Should we even vote? Will it make a difference? • Are GMOs to control the world food supply? Are they safe? How can we tell if foods have GMOs? Why won't congress/government label GMOs? Do GMOs cause sterilzation? • Is global warming really about carbon tax revenue for the UN? Wasn't it first global freezing, then global warming and now climate change? Is it about global control? •Do you want to share your theories or conspiracy theories about what is really going on. • Lets talk about the Deep State controlling America, Why is America always at wars? UN agendas, chemtrails (geo engineering), etc. Should we be worried by UN Agenda 2030 and Agenda 21? • Are there staged terror attacks? Do they use crisis actors? • Will we be microchipped in the future? • Are Americans being divided and distracted? Between races, between repubs and democrats, between homosexuals and heteros? Why? Is it to bring in global socialism? • Is Julian Assange the real deal? Or is his purpose to make the UN look good? • Is america becoming a corporactacy? • Are the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve trying to help or destroy countries? Are they working together? • Is the UN (IMF) dictating policies to Greece because of their debt? Did the EU replace democratically elected presidents of Italy and Greece with their own? Will NAFTA help US, Mexico, and US become a NAU (North American Union)? Similar to the EU and the globalists agendas? • 911, JFK, MLK jr, RFK, Oklahoma bombing, Sandy Hook, John Lennon, false flags, etc. Were we lied to? • Did communism really fall in the USSR? Did the communist party really vote to disband? Were american bankers behind communism in the USSR? Was Gorbachev really the good guy? Or is he part of a secret plan to bring in global socialism via the green agenda? • Did president Wilson give Trotsky an American passport?Did American companies make equipment for the USSR? Lend the USSR money? • Are all wars banker wars? • Is the Fabian Society behind global socialism? • Who are the Trilaterals and CFRs?Why do all the of adminstrations have CFR and Trilateral members in it? Are most MSM controlled by CFR members? Is it true, 6 corps control 90 percent of the media? • Was the moon landing real? Were they able to go through the van allen belt? Are we being made scared of viruses so we will get vaxxed? Are vax safe or poisons? Are vaxs part of a sinister agenda? • Is Zika a hoax? Is it purpose to get money for vaccines and depopulation? • Why does America have trillions of dollars in debt? Is america purposedly being made poorer? Would paying off the debt decrease the money supply? • Lets talk about vaccines. Are they safe? Should we see the movie Vaxxed? Is there an agenda behind them? Depopulation agenda?Why is there recently a push for mandatory vaccines in the West? • Is Trump an outsider or insider? Is he pretending to be an outsider? Is Trump going to take blame for coming crash? • Is fluoride toxic? Does it help prevent cavities? Is it a lie that it fights cavities? Does it contribute to diabetes and cancer? How do we remove it? • How do we protect ourselves from EMFs? Should we be worried about smart meters and 5G towers? Is it safe to live by a cell tower? What are smart meters? Are they dangerous? Are they part of Agenda 21? • Are "Fake News" really the true news? Is this really about censorship? • Did wall street fund Hitler? Did bankers destroy germanys economy so hitler could take over? Did the Federal Reserve and Bank of England fund Hitler? Did American companies help Nazi Germany during world war two? Were there factories not allowed to be bombed during World War 2? How come there is no proof Hitler died? How about the Hitlers skull the KGB has? Was that his? Did he escape? • Did Wall Street also fund the Soviet Union? Did American companies make military equipment for the USSR? Did the USRR get loans from the US? Are all wars bankers' wars? IS Putin and China really working secretly with government officials to bring in NWO? Is it all a show? • Is the Constitution still being followed? • False flags • Is the Federal Reserve a private corp? Does it have its own agenda? Has America been in continous wars since it was founded in 1913? Was the Federal Reserve founded by Rockerfeller and Rothchild allies? • Is the UN purpose for global peace or for global government? Should the US leave the UN? • Why are the Bilderberg meetings private? • What is the real reason cars mostly use oil/gas? Is it because of the oil cartel? • What is the purpose of flouride, vax, chemtrails, etc? • Did a Western intelligency and gulf allies create al qaeda? Did bin laden used to work for the CIA? Did bin laden die in that raid in Pakistan? • Did the Serbs have concentration camps? Was it a lie used to justify NATO involvement? • Are there cures for diseases that is being hidden from us because it threatens drug companies profits? Are naturalpathic docs being suicided because they know cure for cancer? Does chemo cure cancer or spread it? Is it really a mustard gas? • Did the Rockerfellers take over the medical establishment? Did the Rockerfellers donate the land for the UN? Why? Want to share your books?

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What we're about

A conspiracy theorist (skeptic) questions known liars. 6 corporations control 90 % of the media.

Are you ready to take the "red pill?" To learn the truth.

If you dont like getting emails about relevant issues, you may not like this group. The organizer sends out many relevant emails.

This is a discussion group to find out what really is going on in the world. We have been lied to about wars, flouride, GMOs, chemo, statins (cholesterol myth), swine flu hoax, global warming hoax, the economy, vaccines, etc.

Are there natural cures for diseases that are being hidden from us because they threaten drug companies profits?

This Meetup group is about False Flags (false reasons for starting wars), CREDIBLE conspiracies, politics, spy stuff, history, and military history. In this group, you'll learn about many countries (including the US, Nazi Germany, imperial Japan, USSR, etc.) starting wars for false reasons--false flags. You'll also learn that many wars were started for the need of oil (WWII, Gulf War, Libya, etc.). The need for oil drives US foreign policy and many other countries foreign policies. Without oil, countries economies would collapse. When you understand oil & oil pipelines, you'll understand the real reasons for political decision. Wars are also started to protect the petrodollar and for the military-industrial complex.

Did you know there was a plan to bomb American ships, create terrorism in the US, attack marines in Guantanamo and blame it on Cuba? It was called Operation Northwoods.

Are GMOs meant to control the world food supplies? When you control the food supply, you control people. When you control oil, you control nations.

Did you know that US company is building a pipeline through Afghanistan? The TAPI pipeline to Turkmenistan. 9-11 got America in regions where there was a lot of oil. Most of the US troops are fighting along the proposed pipeline route. The purpose of this Meetup is to find out what really is going on in the world.

The real reason the US is upset with Russia & China is because they are moving away from the US dollar as the reserve currency, through BRICs. Was the invasions of Libya, Iraq & Syria about them moving away from the US dollar as the reserve currency (Petrodollar system)? Should we buy gold to protect us? Is there going to be an economic collapse as the US gets more & more debt and more countries leave the Petrodollar?

Why are US "allies" funding ISIS? Why do the "moderate" Syrian rebels fight with Al-Nursa and ISIS? Why hasnt isis attacked US allies such as Israel, qatar, UAE, and bahrain? Why does isis always seem to " steal" US weapons?

This Meetup group is also about CREDIBLE conspiracies--I've heard many crazy conspiracy theories. This group isn't for those people. Crazy conspiracies people believe in are Bermuda Triangle, red heads are aliens, bigfoot, lochness monster, the Earth is flat, aliens living in the center of the Earth, etc. lol.

What are False Flags?

We'll also discuss military, spy stuff, health ( flouride being toxic ), the UN, and our existence in the universe such as parallel universe, multiverse, etc.

This Meetup group is against communism. If you are one, this meetup group isnt for you.

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