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Welcome to Creating Community Through Family Constellations!

This is a Boulder & Denver based group. We explore the powerful Soul based healing work, Family Constellations

This group is for you if you have passions around healing, psychotherapy and a spiritual perspective on life. We will create group experiences together that serve to leave us all more fulfilled, connected & happy in our lives.

I'm grateful that you have joined this group and look forward to seeing you soon! In divine service,

Jack Blackwell

PS Learn more about Family Constellation work at www.healingfamilytrauma.com

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Family Constellation 1-Day Workshop. A Mystical, Spiritual, Healing Experience!

This event is a mystical, Spiritual healing process that brings together our ancestral history and looks at why we struggle in life. Many of our life-long challenges are rooted in the dysfunction of our ancestry. the wounds there that never got resolved get passed down to us. Just as trauma is an energetic pattern that lives in the body and bonds are an energetic pattern that connect us, there are energetic patterns within our family systems that keep us tied to the pain and dysfunction. Constellation work is about FREEING you from the family baggage. And doing it in a good and loving way, so that you can live your life without the family burdens, loyalties or dysfunctions getting in your way. This event is experiential, hands on and potent healing medicine. You can learn more on my website here: https://healingfamilytrauma.com/constellations/ Through this work we are able to look at your family system and learn where you are stuck. There are 2 roles at this event, that of a focus client, who's family we explore and that of a representative who dives into various family roles and gets personal insights and healing from this. You can learn about these two roles here. (Also ask me any questions) https://healingfamilytrauma.com/family-constellation-workshops/ Event Details Date: Saturday March 30th Time: 9-6pm Location: Central Boulder Spots available: Focus client spots available: 4 Representative spots available: 8 Cost: Focus client $400 (Save $50 with early registration - ends 3/17) Representative $100 (Save $25 with early registration - ends 3/17) This is a powerful healing event that deals with the biggest issues you are struggling with. You will get a lot of insight and clarity here. If you have questions about the process, the potential benefits, if the work can help with your particular issue, (It is not for everyone) then contact me Jack (720)[masked] [masked]

Family Constellation intro night - A Mystical & Spiritual exploration

***This event fills up. You will have to save your spot early*** This introduction to Family Constellation work is a fun exploration for the entire group ~ an evening you won't forget. We will go from 6:30-9:30/10. You'll have a hands-on experience of Family Constellation work and you can participate at the level you want. Observing is fine and fun also. Though this is deep work, dealing with real human conditions it's also a mystery worthy of exploring. It's insightful and rewarding for all. I keep the intro price low ($20) so everyone can attend. Because of interest and the low price, it usually sells out. You must pre-pay to reserve your spot. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=UTS8EZYLB2Z44 Space is limited, only 15 people can attend the intro. Most who coming to this event come through my other channels. This event will be full though it may not show here. I have 1 focus client spot at our intros. There is a greater cost to attend as a focus client. If you want this space, contact me. Very best, Jack

The Dance Of Healing - A Special Family Constellation 2-day Event + BREATHWORK!

A Special Family Constellation 2-day event + BREATHWORK Perhaps the most powerful experience of my life was the breathwork at the end of a 3-day event in 2002. This experience changed everything. I would not be leading Constellations today if it were not for this experience. (But this is a longer story...) I'm bringing these two amazing Soul-Healing modalities together - Family Constellations and Breathwork. Family Constellations bring to life the energetic family patterns we're stuck in allowing us to change and heal them. Freeing us up from family baggage. Believe me, if you've been struggling with a particular issue for 20-30 years and still have not healed it, something else is going on! This work addresses it. Breathwork is a tremendous mover of energy allowing you to access your Spiritual nature in a mystical process. From this place you can be guided by a deeper, Knowing part of you. Many breathwork attendees have had one of the most powerful experiences of their lives. These two combined add a ton of insight, energetic shifts and a powerful integration. More on the Family Constellation & Breathwork 2-Day event For two days we’ll bring healing to our lives by releasing family patterns that trap us. We’ll dive deep into our Spiritual natures and the complex problems faced by our families. We’ll explore freeing ourselves from the trauma of the family past. The reason it’s hard to change and shift inherited family patterns is that they live on an energetic level. When we can address this energetic level, change and healing can come quickly. What is trauma? Trauma is not a thing, it’s an energetic pattern that lives in your body. What are family bonds? They’re energetic connections (healthy or toxic) binding us to family, partners and friends. Using Constellations we bring these energetic patterns to life right before our eyes. It’s kind of magical. Now we can work at shifting these patterns bringing rapid healing and change. Over these two days we’ll look at healing relationships with dad. We’ll look at healthy disconnecting from mom, we’ll look at giving back energetic burdens we’ve carried for them and for others in our families. This event is about moving forward. Many times the successes we’re blocked from are the result of family stuff that still lives within us. Clear up the past family stuff and we can free ourselves to move forward. If you’ve worked on an issue for 10 or 20 years and are still stuck. Something deeper is going on. Taking a look from this energetic level is profoundly illuminating and can bring you the healing and change you’ve longed for. Even if everything else has failed. Join us and have your own magical exploration of healing and growth Event Details Date: Saturday & Sunday May 4th & 5th *early registration price ends 4/1 Time: 9:00am-6pm Group Size: 12 persons max Focus Client Spots: 5 (2 remain) Representative spots: 7 (5 remain) Location: Central Boulder Colorado Representative Cost: $200 (Save $50 with early registration) Focus Client Cost: $500 (Save $100 with early registration) There are two roles at this workshop. Representatives and focus clients. To see which role will support your needs, go here: http://healingfamilytrauma.com/family-constellation-workshops/ Reserve a representative spot here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=XFKFESXZJBGS6 Questions or Comments? Jack, Web: https://healingfamilytrauma.com/ Email: [masked] Phone: (720)[masked]

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