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The FM Agile User Group was established in response to our communities’ interest in Agile Adoption. Our main goal is to create a collaborative and interactive forum where our community members meet to share ideas, facilitation techniques, discuss our experiences, and gather insight on how to incorporate and improve agile practices and processes.

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Knowledge Architecture with David Richard

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Data becomes information, and information becomes knowledge.
If processes produce data, there is knowledge to be had from that data. We must look at how it is collected and managed at an organizational level.

Knowledge is not hierarchical and can come from anywhere. And while the latest tech allows for efficiencies in the development process, there’s ample opportunity to take a different look at how we design systems, and what knowledge we are generating over time. These efforts enhance the ability to use technology to the fullest effect.

The goal of this talk is to reorient our thinking about how we build digital tools, how we use technology to build knowledge, and how to locate our “points of engagement” to maximize value from data collection, analysis and use.

David Richard is a "Systems Thinker" with close to 30 years of hands-on and management experience over a wide array of technological implementations and utilizations. A technologist with business acumen, he is able to identify and organize opportunities to implement change and realize enhanced value quickly and efficiently. Specific attention is given to the revolutionary nature of cloud computing, where managed services are used to create unique and creative solutions to data-based workloads. He sees technology as a tool that, used properly, can have a significant impact on both operational and competitive advantages.

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The Power of Story Telling with Cheryl Neeser

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