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What we’re about

Hello Riders!
Come out and Ride your bike with us! Farmington Bike Up is an intermediate and advanced cycling group that rides for fun on the rail trails, quiet roads and awesome excursions. Attend weekly rides to build your stamina and skills so you can thoroughly enjoy those weekend excursions and more spirited adventures later in the season. Trips? There are always trips, Vermont, Montreal, Boston, Cape Cod, New York, Pennsylvania & beyond. If you don’t see the ride you would like, then ask to organize it yourself.

We are a group of bikers who are all about biking, the more rides posted the better-this make us unique to most Meetup groups. We want to keep our culture enjoyable for everyone, including the ride host(s), so please be respectful and courteous to your respective ride host (before, during and after). We expect that you follow their guideline and restrictions as set forth by the ride host, any modifications to the ride will be at the discretion of the host.

This is a closed private group, for security and safety of all members we require of you to post an identifiable picture of yourself!

You will be removed from a ride or banned from FBU for disrespectful behavior.

Let's Ride on!

Some tips:

Intermediate-advanced simply means that you are very familiar with your bike, gears, abilities and stamina to make sound choices when joining a ride. Don’t join a ride you aren’t certain you can do. The best group ride experience is when you are with like ability folks. Start with easy hour to see where you are at, then build on from there. On any ride, decide early about turning back or breaking away if you are struggling to keep up or eager to pass the front. The best group ride experience doesn’t happen when we are looking for missing riders. There are other rides and you can even post your own ride to find those that like to ride like you do, it’s all about a great group ride experience.

You’ll need a helmet, a bike in good order, your favorite bike do-dads and always a spare tube or two.

Spare tube! Always carry a spare tubes that fits your bike. Doesn’t matter if you can change it yourself, what matters is that we can get the ride back up and running if you get a flat.

Commit!! Weekly rides may increase in distance and intensity each week as participants gain stamina and skills. Joining these early on is far easier than jumping in later. Forge unbeatable comradery as you and your pals pedal away throughout the year.