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Come out and Ride your bike with us! Farmington
Bike Up is an intermediate/advanced cycling group that rides for fun on the
rail trails, quiet roads and awesome excursions. Attend a weekly ride to build your stamina and skills so you can thoroughly enjoy those weekend excursions and more spirited adventures later in
the season. Trips? There are always trips, Montreal, Boston, Cape Cod, New
York, Pennsylvania & beyond. If you don’t see the ride you would like then
ask to organize it yourself. We are a group of bikers all about biking, the
more rides posted the better. You’ll need a helmet, a bike in good order, your
favorite bike do-dads and always a spare tube (see below).

See ya Thar!
Joe Sully

Some tips:

Intermediate/advanced simply means that you are
familiar enough with your bike, gear, abilities and stamina to make sound
choices when joining a ride. Don’t join a ride you aren’t certain you can do. The
best group bike ride experience is when you are with like abled folks. Start
with easy hour to see where you are at. On any ride, decide early about turning
back or breaking away if you are struggling to keep up or eager to pass the
front. The best group ride experience doesn’t happen when we are looking for
missing riders. There are other rides and you can even post your own ride to
find those that like to ride like you do, it’s all about a great group ride

Spare tube! Always carry a spare tube that fits your bike. Doesn’t matter if you can change it yourself what
matters is that we can get the ride back up and running if you get a flat.

Commit!! Weekly rides seem to increase in distance and
intensity each week as participants gain stamina and skills. Joining these
early on is far easier than jumping in later. Forge unbeatable comradery as you
and your pals pedal away everything from thanksgiving to Easter.

Upcoming events (5)

SUN. MAY 31: Greenfield to Guilford, VT 44mi, 1800', 11 mph avg. Strong riders

This ride is 44 miles and 1800' of climbing. Almost all of the serious climbing is in the 1st 10 mi. so be prepared to grunt and groan on the way up. After that the ride from Leyden down to Guilford is great; good pavement and down hill for the next 11 miles. Lunch will be at the general store in Guilford. I trust they are going to be open, but bring a snack just in case. I was there 2 years ago. Their food is quite good. Marc Shafer did most of this with me then. This past Sunday's ride was a bit of a cluster "f""", but we all got back within a few minutes of each other. Go figure. We will be limited to 12 riders. If we get more than 8 I'll split us into 2 groups. I trust someone will have the map and cue sheet with them. I don't expect a waitlist. If a waitlisted rider just shows up, they will be on their own. We'll leave the Greenfield Community College parking lot at 9:30 on Sunday. Please be early so we can get a good start. Bring the usual CO2, inflator, snacks, tube(s), water bottles (2). No stops until Guilford at mile 20. Make sure your tires and bike are all in good condition. There is nothing so frustrating than breakdowns. Hope to see some of you there. After ride snacks can be found at the combination grocery/liquor/ice cream store just before the finish. REMEMBER SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES: 6' PORT AND STARBOARD, AND 12' FORE AND AFT!! https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32718538

FBU COVID 19 Social Distance Wednesday night Advanced Intermediate/loop ride

The Joy of an FBU Advanced or Intermediate Loop Ride.. Road bikes are recommended for this ride. Please join us on our ADVANCED or INTERMEDIATE / Loop ride. 5:00 PM 1. Divide into groups no more then 8 riders / group.. 2. Choose: a. Advanced 14 to 16+ mph or b. Intermediate 12+ mph average speed.. C. Average Ride will be 28 miles total. 3. Intermediate ride leaves first social distancing.. 4. We start out riding towards Collinsville on the bike path 5. Advanced ride leaves after Intermediate Towards Collinsville or And idea the advanced group take the reverse loop and into Simsbury via Avon on the bikeway. 6. making only a couple stops at critical regrouping points. Please note the parking location is TUNXIS MEAD PARK. There is a bathroom there. Any concerns please don’t hesitate to call me Little Steve at; (860)[masked]. Rain cancels. Please wear appropriate riding gear for the different seasons. Bring your charged lights, a spare tube, clear glasses, water bottle and snack. Ride may vary slightly week to week depending on the amount of daylight and temperature. Some weeks in beginning and end of season may be out and back, and in middle of season on the longest days, we may fit in a super loop. Ride will always include a bathroom break. Get out early to build your endurance and stamina, so you are able to thoroughly enjoy all of the seasons fun and epic rides.

Let's Do This! - Vernon to Willi-Brew!

Pedal Power Bicycle Shop

Willi-brew is re-opening its doors on Thursday, June 4th for outdoor seating ONLY! This ride it limited to 10 riders! We will ride in two packs of 5's to distance ourselves. It is highly suggested to wear a mask while riding, however, to enter Willi-brew a mask is REQUIRED; so be sure to bring one with you! The only time you do not have to wear it is while you are eating or drinking. I made reservations this evening for 10 of us and I was told they will distance us at tables to be compliant with the CDC! _______________________________ Come check out the Hop River Rail Trail and enjoy its beautiful scenery, rock ledges, vibrant greenery, waterfalls, unique florals, the "cool" tunnel, and oh yah, Willi-brew? Arrive 9:45 and roll at 10 sharp. We will depart from the Pedal Power parking lot and head out to Steele's Crossing, which brings us through Manchester, Vernon, Bolton, Andover to Willimantic, where we will stop at The Willimantic Brew Pub for lunch and libations, if desired. A great place for food and drink in an establishment that used to be a great big post office! This ride will be 40 miles (20 miles each way) at a pace of 12 to 14 mph, dependent on conditions. This is a moderate ride with partial road but the Hop River Trail itself is a flat rail trail and is packed dirt and stone. The trail is mostly smooth but with some sandy and rocky sections and as such is doable with a road bike, but not recommended. Hybrid, gravel or mountain bikes work best. Masks, Helmets, water, spare tube, pump, bike lock, bike light and tools for an on road repair are essential. Rain postpones this ride to Sunday the 7th! Hope to see you there!

FBU Mystery Ride To Stratton Brook for Safe Distance Tail Gate at Noon

Stratton Brook State Park

Ok ... 1.Pick you group ride Route and Safe distance group members to ride with... 2.Start when and where you want as a group 3.Arrive at Stratton Brook Park at 12:30 ...Tail Gate 4.Bring what ever to eat or share 5.Enjoy at safe distance 6.Sign up below with the FBU family.. 7.knowing your going with own group.. 8. so there will be no limit but everyone can then form their group for the ride.. Ok I think 🤔 it’s clear Add suggestions or comments Below if there are still ????’s Last time was great thanks Joe for the idea 💡! Hope to see you all !! Thanks Little Steve

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