What we're about


Welcome to the FDs - a group focused on the fashion arena in Hong Kong.

We are an eclectic bunch of entrepreneurs, industry professionals, students and newbies with a passion for helping bring fresh fashion concepts to the market that can challenge the industry norms, push boundaries and excite customers though unique experiences, powerful stories and of course - killer products.

If you're on the journey to launch your own fashion product in the market but have more questions than answers - this is the group for you!

Our group is setup as an informal platform meant to help maximize networking opportunities, share best practices, lessons learned, success & horror stories in a relaxed, social setting. We expect to spend some quality time and sometimes setting a specific topic or inviting a guest speaker if we can get an appropriate venue.


Who is this meet up group for?
- Budding or experienced fashion entrepreneurs
- Individuals interested in working for fashion start ups
- Industry professionals looking to support new businesses

What will the meet-up format be?
- We will start with informal events in bars, cafes around HK to begin with
- Ideally members can also volunteer their co-working or offices spaces for small events/presentations for more focused discussions

Who organizes the events?
- Members can organize their own break out events as needed for specific topics on areas where they need support (i.e. there is no single 'leader' of this group)
- We will try to centrally coordinate socials on a reoccurring basis

Who pays for the events?
- Since we will meet mostly in bars, public areas - these should be at your own cost for drinks...etc.
- Specific events organised by members can be setup as needed

What we don't want this group to become?
- Not a platform to steal others peoples ideas
- Not a platform for service providers to only push/sell own products

Look forward to meeting you all soon!

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