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Are you a fashion nerd? Do you want to be? FASHNERDS UNITE!

Fashtech (fashion technology) is more than just wearables and 3D printing - there are thousands of innovations occurring around the world, in all aspects of the garment industry. And the people who are driving the innovation are designers, sellers, makers and technology providers using and producing hardware, software, data and AI. Additionally, there are crazy cool innovations in materials science, from biomaterials (e.g. lab-growth leather) to smart fabrics.

Given Chicago's incredible history in fashion, manufacturing and retail innovation, it's a natural fit for us to grab the reins of fashtech and start collaborating and learning together. We will be socializing, sharing information and having formal learning events throughout the year as we explore together how to make Chicago the epicenter of fashtech in the USA~!

We welcome anyone with an interest or experience, and please suggest topics that interest you. We anticipate discussions on sustainability, supply chain efficiency, body scanning, on-demand manufacturing, social selling, and more.

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Fashion Tech - panel discussion at 2112

4245 N Knox Ave

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