What we're about

-supporting Equality in Parenting

-fighting Discrimination and Parental Alienation

WHO SHOULD JOIN: This is a group for anyone who is a dedicated, morally upright, parent interested in learning about and sharing the challenges that fathers, and mothers, face in our society, and keen on helping educate people in power positions to facilitate change. All fathers, and mothers, who have become victims, or those who know a father, or mother, who has or is being victimized, are welcome. (Without bias we realize that both fathers and mothers can be unfairly treated in courts. Due to statistics and traditional biases our focus is to help fathers be equal parents.)


• We will support one another.

• We will learn from others who have been discriminated against because they are fathers, or mothers.

• We will educate ourselves and one another on the best ways to educate others about the discrimination against fathers.

• We will promote awareness of the discrimination of fathers, and mother, in the media, in the home, in schools, in the workplace, and in family courts.

• We will promote awareness about discrimination against fathers, and mothers, to agencies such as the Children’s Aid Society, the Office of the Children’s lawyer, and the provincial government.

• We will promote awareness of discrimination of dads, and moms, to organizations that we collectively deem appropriate and necessary.

• We will hold social events that we deem appropriate and necessary to provide one another support for the abuses that they have experienced.

• We will hold social functions with our children.


• We will discuss topics that we collectively deem appropriate and necessary to support one another.

• We will discuss topics that facilitate our goals and plans of action.

• Some of the topics of discussion and symposium will include:

• Parenting issues

• Permissive parenting

• Parental alienation

• Fatherhood and the media

• Fathers’ roles

• Discipline

• Abuse

• Family law

• CAS -Children's Aid Society

• OCL -Office of the Children's Lawyer

• Confidentiality laws

• Corruption

• Equal parenting

• Best interests of Children

• Personality disorders

• Mental health

• Narcissistic Personality Disorder

• Borderline Personality Disorder

• Antisocial Personality Disorder

• Motives

• Foreign women (foreign marriages)

• Marriage commitment /non-commitment

OUR MOTTO: Discrimination equates to Alienation; Alienation equates to Discrimination

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