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The 2016 presidential election has elevated a man who has openly degraded women, Muslims, immigrants, and other groups. He's promoted racist ideas and bigotry. He's aligned himself with groups that are anti-semitic, white nationalist and anti-gay. As I step-father and man, I find he represents the wrong direction for our children and our country. He is not the role model of a leader, of a father or a man that I want for my children. This meetup is for fathers and step fathers who are interested in talking about these issues, and possibly organizing events or other actions. The name "Fathers Standing Up" refers to idea that this group will be about fathers standing up against homophobia, sexism,racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of oppression and standing up for children, for tolerance and justice, for respect for girls and women, and for human rights and dignity. (The group is open to anyone of any gender, sex or sexual orientation.)

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