What we're about

I, your humble new organizer, want as many people with the problem of freezing/stuttering before an audience to join and come to our events as possible.

Not for business leads -- as I'm not even in the presentation-coaching business; and not for popularity or an ego trip.

As per the group's namesake, reasonably, I need enough poker faces to stare at the fledging presenter and scare the hell out of that poor person while s/he tries, frozen, to say what needs to be presented.

This is just a pet project of mine, simply because I've been there before:

1. Avoidance at the request to speak to a crowd.
2. Crazy loops of mental rehearsing right before the time of demise.
3. Preferring to talk in the chair because the legs (not the chair's) may noticeably be shaking.
4. Long silence at the word "GO" because, in spite of the mental rehearsals, no word come out between your teeth.
5. Face is cold and stiff.
6. Cannot think.
7. Sense failure and shame.
8. Avoid all such possibilities in the future.

My only credential for taking over this previously dead MeetUp group is that I've taken the journey from that tight spot described above to talking to over 100 people in nonchalance, without preparation, for over an hour while keeping them interested.

Onto the "why bother?":

As in plain sight, 2016 was a year of fiercely accelerating global changes; and we know them changes are only going to exponentially become even faster from this year onwards.

Accelerating with it would be the trend that, whether freelancing or in a job, more and more everyone will need to speak one's mind to large groups of folks, and make it memorable.

A deep-end example is: if the internet business that you've started requires you to enter the global Youtube marketplace. You won't even get to speak to human faces -- whom you can still relate to. You'll need to animate yourself and impress in front of a Cam.

The audience will know if you're boring or fearful. OTOH, you want them to click on the SUBSCRIBE button below to get some income.....


As I emphasized, this's just a pet project of mine. Let's see if we'd see a member on a TED(x) Talk one day.