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This is a group whose main mission is to inspire, uplift and empower women. It is also a group for anyone who is interested in gender equality, social issues, feminist activism and women's rights.

We want this group to provide a local community for feminists. This group was started so we could meet other feminists in Manchester to discuss important issues and also make things happen: document, teach, and inspire. The possibilities are endless and we're always open to suggestions.

The events can take all kinds of shapes, we've been doing conversations on certain topics and texts that we want to explore and read together, we would like to now move onto hopefully creating our own material and be involved in events happening in the Greater Manchester area. Please feel free to introduce yourself to the group and let people know what it is that you would like to discuss/explore!

We hope to start a conversation with other feminists and anyone who wants to learn about feminist theory and activism, women's history and everyday sexism. The group is open to anybody who is genuinely interested regardless of gender, although there may be some events that cater for the specific needs of women and non-binary folk.

We hope we can create a safe space for everyone where people feel free to speak and accept we are all learning. We would like to make clear that anyone who is out to exclude certain views or call other people "bad feminists" (yes, people actually do this) or anything of that sort is not welcome.

You don’t have to identify as a feminist or a woman or have any particular knowledge or background to join this group, and there's no pressure to contribute to the discussion if you'd prefer to listen. It is important to us that the group is welcoming to all and our meetings are as accessible as possible to anyone.

Carolina Beiertz


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