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Data Science for the National Big Data R and D Initiative

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• 6:30 p.m. Welcome and Introduction (New Tutorial and Mentoring) Slides ( Slides ( Data Science for the National Big Data R and D Initiative ( and 2015 NITRD Big Data Strategic Initiative Workshop ( Slides (

• 7:00 p.m. Brief Member Introductions

• 7:15 p.m. Wendy Wigen, National Coordinating Office, Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Big Data Senior Steering Group (invited) See: Request for Input (RFI)-National Big Data R&D Initiative ( Slides (

7:45 p.m.​ Dr. Sudarsan Rachuri (, Program Manager, Systems Integration Division (, Engineering Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology., See: From Data to Insight: Big Data and Analytics for Smart Manufacturing Systems ( and Big Data in Materials Research and Development ( Slides (

• 8:30 p.m. Open Discussion

• 8:45 p.m. Networking

• 9:00 p.m. Depart


• National Big Data R&D Initiative launched in March 2012

• Have Knowledge Base for[masked]

• Big Data in Materials Research and Development, NAS Workshop February 5-6, 2014 and Report

Session 2: Big Data Issues in Materials Research and Development

Session 3: Big Data Issues in Manufacturing

See Also: IEEE Big Data Conference (Joan Aron Joint Paper in NIST Session). Led to inviting Dr. Sudarsan Rachuri to present tonight

• GovLoop on Analytics and Big DataGov

Loop serves a community of more than 100,000 government leaders by helping them to foster collaboration, learn from each other, solve problems and advance in their government careers September 30, 2014

• The National Big Data R&D Initiative PRE-DECISIONAL DRAFT September 26, 2014

• Request for Input (RFI)-National Big Data R&D Initiative October 2, 2014

• Submissions received to the RFI on National Big Data R&D Initiative

36 Responses Received including from Brand Niemann

• Symposium on the Interagency Strategic Plan for Big Data: Focus on R&D October 23, 2014

Session chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI

Overview Presentation: Allen Dearry, NIH

• Access and Use of NASA and Other Federal Earth Science Data, ESIP November 11, 2014

Lead: Ethan McMahon, NASA Detail and back to US EPA

See Meetup: USDA CIO and ACDO on Open Data Plan and Roundtable, March 16, 2015

• NITRD: National Big Data Strategic Plan-Summary of Request for Information Responses Early 2015

Response Coordination TeamNSF AAAS Fellows: Renata Rawlings-Goss, Alejandro Suarez, Martin Wiener, Lida Beninson

NSF Staff: Fen Zhao, Dana Hunter

NITRD Staff: Wendy Wigen

• Data Science Seminar Series @ NSF, January 21, 2015

Big Data, Data Science, and other Buzzwords that Really Matter

Michael Franklin, UC Berkeley Computer Science

• 2015 NITRD Big Data Strategic Initiative Workshop, January 22-23, Washington, DC

Video Broadcast and My Slides Tonight