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Data Science for NIST Big Data Framework Review by May 21st

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Please Note: This is not a Meetup now, but getting ready for a future Meetup, and providing our expertise now when needed by NIST. Thank you.

Wo and Nancy, Congratulations on excellent work over a long period of time!

I am asking the 700+ members of our Federal Big Data Working Group Meetup to review your DRAFT documents and provide comments.

To facilitate that process and my own comments, I am doing that at:

My initial comments are at:

I think this will take us longer than the May 21st schedule and we plan to do a Meetup on this in July.

We are looking especially for the 6 Uses Cases that have data sets according to a recent email we saw from your participants.
Best regards, Brand

Dear Brand,

Thanks for your encouragement and special thanks for your Federal Big Data WG Meetup for willing to review and help to enhance the content of our seven NBD-PWG documents!

Yes, the 45 days public comment period is kind of short but the good news is, our future version 2 and 3 will be built on top of version 1 meaning any late comments can still be useful for our enhancement. Thanks for starting the commenting on Vol. 1 and 2, and in the process of commenting Vol. 3. I would be very appreciative if you can send in a version before May 21 so that our editing team can review and incorporate any appropriate incoming comments.

Thanks so much for your help and looking forward for your Meetup’s comments!

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