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EXPECT MIRACLES, is a psychologically and spiritually based weight loss support group which focuses on women's weight issues/compulsive eating. We meet every week throughout the year for 2-hours. You will never feel alone again in your struggle to lose weight and be released from food compulsions. You will be surrounded in love and acceptance by women who are like you and who understand the fears and feelings of hopelessness that accompany the journey of weight loss, and who can support you as you learn how to permanently give up the struggle and regain control. We are led by a professional leader and we accept you 100 percent as you ARE, wherever you are! There is NEVER shame, but only love and kindness in this group so just come and join us!

This group is for anyone struggling with compulsive eating or food addiction, and who needs a sustainable solution to conquer these issues. I know how important it is to share your journey with like-minded and loving people, people who can help you open up and support you along the way, no matter what you are experiencing. We are all familiar with constant dieting and promising ourselves that, "This time it will be different" and attempting almost superhuman exercises to do so, and then failing, and feeling SO much shame in this cycle. Often, these efforts are NOT sustainable; this is where "A Course in Weight Loss – 21 Spiritual Lessons to Surrender Your Weight Loss Forever" by Marianne Williamson becomes a "miracle" of sorts because if one follows the lessons in the book, one can become free of the fear that keeps us stuck in the cycle of addictive thought. If you are ready to change your life, your psyche, your health, and your body while becoming free from addiction and fear, join me as we go through these lessons each week and help each other! You will be AMAZED and feel better than you have in a long time! It is a new approach as opposed to once again dieting. We utilize the mindfulness lessons of many wonderful weight loss experts such as Louise Hay and Geneen Roth, in addition to the Williamson book. As your facilitator, I have over 25 years experience working with women's weight issues, and therefore, can pull from numerous sources while incorporating meditation, mindfulness, and positive affirmations. I was once a weight watcher lecturer and have decades in the study of success in leading groups. I incorporate the very best of many programs!

We welcome you and would love to have you join us in love and light!

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