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First things first. This is a fun, interactive and safe group! We bring a coaching approach to Mental Wellness that begins with the knowledge that you are Unbroken, Creative, Resilient and Whole. No selling no teaching just open and exploratory dialogue with like minded individuals like yourself. You can bring your problems if you like but what we will talk about are your SOLUTIONS. You can stop reading here! LMAO!

What if life were simpler, what if the secret to great mental and physical health was already within us, just waiting to be remembered? Don't we all just want and deserve to be happy, to live up to our potential and enjoy a life free of unnecessary anxiety and stress? What if we aren't broken and don't need to be fixed?

Through a deeper yet simpler understanding of the nature of our own thinking and the role we play in creating our "realities" we will look to gain insight into how we trap ourselves in our own thinking. By relying on our own wisdom to guide us back inside we see through the illusion of fixes, techniques and the idea that we are broken.

When we see the simplicity and truth of the principles that underpin our existence our hearts and our minds are free to blossom. Just as the proof of germ theory in the 1850's enabled a paradigm shift a simpler yet deeper understanding of the principles underpinning psychology can be the key to unlocking your happiness and potential.

Come and see if this is true for you.

This group is for anyone who has struggled with anxiety, depression, negative self talk, blame, letting go of the past, or has had difficulties becoming who or what they want to be.

The purpose of this group is to cultivate and spread a "good feeling." It is meant for people to come together, share, rediscover their innate well being, and to free themselves from the trap of their their own thinking.

After struggling for nearly 35 years, trying to fix myself and believing there was something wrong with me I had a moment of clarity. That moment enabled me to see through the thinking that kept me trapped.

I would love to share and explore how others see themselves in these situations. If you want a more harmonious and whole experience of life and are looking to live out from under the umbrellas of fear, stress, anxiety, worry and ego, this group is for you.

Much Love,


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