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We're a friendly mix of people who are passionate about movement exploration for all kinds of reasons.

Some of us are looking for pain relief, some of us have particular movement or function-related goals, some of us come to practice self-care, and some of us are simply curious about how we work.

Lessons are based on functional movement patterns like reaching, turning, bending, and extending that make up the building blocks of our everyday lives. Depending on the needs and interests of each group, we might explore gentle, full-body gestures, or we might refine more local movements of the eyes, jaw, hands or feet.

By improving our understanding and the quality of these movements, we may find we can express ourselves more clearly and confidently and generally feel better than we did before.

People of all fitness levels, abilities, sizes, ages and genders are welcome to attend. The classes are verbally guided, and hands-on help is available for those who request it. Classes are usually conducted either on mats on the floor (which are provided) or seated in chairs.

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