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While the book "Transitions" (Bridges) sets up a good premise for the Meetup group, I don't wish to define what the Meetup will do.

What it is not will be to 'learn how to be more' or learn 'how to be less'. Perhaps it is to explore one's own natural kindness towards oneself (towards others naturally follows) in the midst of, let's say, moments when we struggle with a paradox of not wanting to be like our previous generation, yet recognizing there is a need to honor or transmit.

How do I (we) keep from becoming "dry or brittle"# on one hand or, conversely, keep from acquiescing a need to assert substantively?

Can we Meet up so as to explore both acceptance of our "divine ambiguity" (Chopra) and, as such, more integrated fluidity?

# referencing Matthew Fox's talks on senex

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