Female Influencers In Tech - February Edition


Happy New Year to you all, we hope that you had an enjoyable break!

We're back and excited to bring you our first 2020 meetup! Join us on Wednesday 19 February from 5:30pm at the Contino offices. We have some fantastic speakers lined up for you!

TALK 1: Evolution - My Transition from "Software Engineer" to "People Engineer"
A personal journey on how I established my career from being an extremely introverted Software Engineer to leading large teams and lessons learnt.

About the speaker:

Rajini Carpenter - Head of Product Engineering, Wealth Management

Rajini is a Technology Executive with 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Finance Industry. She loves creating world-class technology solutions and client experience that delights end users. She also enjoys working with people, which she calls People Engineering. She is a coffee addict, dog lover and enjoys long hikes.

TALK 2: Resilience: A path well practiced
Resilience seems to be the new leadership buzz word for 2020, however what does it really mean to be resilient? How can I personally change my leadership style to become more resilient? Am I being authentic in how I respond to certain situations? Resilience takes hard work and persistence and above all practice – and don’t I know it!

About the speaker:

Monique Williams - Director Customer Information & Ticketing systems

Monique is a passionate, visionary, and authentic leader committed to placing ‘customer at the centre of her universe’. With a background in Technology Strategy Management, Telco, Service Management, Customer Experience, and Operations, she has delivered large-scale successful improvement programs facilitating transformational change through perceptive strategic vision, service delivery, and a focus on customer experience. As a leader Monique is self-aware, collaborative, energetic, and innovative in her leadership style and approach, and she is a strong force and advocate for women in leadership.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
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