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Are you ready to take the reins of your relationship but don't know how? Ready to attract a partner that worships and adores you? Do you enjoy directing a man to please you? Does your partner want you to be in charge and you're not quite sure how?

Then welcome, this is the group for you. Female Led Relationships have always been around, but today learning how to find and date men and women who prefer you to lead takes relearning the roles of mating.

My work is to show you how to get comfortable with holding the reins. Being in control has an amazing sexual charge all on it's own and once you taste it, you understand what has been missing in your previous relationships.

Join this group to learn how to increase the passion in your relationship by learning how to use Power Exchange. Learn how to protect yourself online while learning safely. Increase the number of eligible partners interested in meeting you. Have more sexy fun, with or without your clothes! Learn sensual, fetish, kink and other BDSM skills in one on one coaching, workshops and online training.

For the submissive men and women who join, welcome. This is not a hookup group, but all are welcome to public events. As EE. Cummings said "it takes courage to grow up to be who you are meant to be." Enjoy the life you have desired and dare to dream for yourself.

My specialty is helping you understand the spiritual, scientific and historical aspects of empowered feminine sexuality. Create the sexually empowered life you want on your terms. It's easier than you think and so much fun to get what you have always desired. Let me show you how.

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