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Female ENTREPRENEURS is a space where you come to

-- Get Inspired and Empowered

-- Turn your Ideas into Reality and

-- Build a Successful Business, Living a Life you LOVE.

Every single one of us has the ability to achieve great things....we are all Ordinary Women, here to create EXTRA- Ordinary things!!!

Lets be DARING, Courageous and DISRUPTIVE - - Listen to your Intuition and Give Priority to your Passion!

"If you CAN, you should and if you're brave enough to start, you WILL" - Stephen King

The Entrepreneurial Journey can be challenging, so let's come together and create some AWESOME Vibrations!!! Here is Your OPPORTUNITY to get INSPIRED, Share, Create and Build RELATIONSHIPS with Like Minded SPIRITED Women, GROW and have Lots Of FUN in the Process.

Want to be a SPIRITED Woman?

JOIN us!!! You will enJOY it!

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What to ASK to achieve the next level of success in your business and your Life

Do you want to learn How and What to ASK to achieve the next level of success in your business and your life? It is time to re-evaluate how to ASK in a more 'Daring & Disruptive' way to simply get more out of life! A great kick start for 2019! Marlie Jolanda loves empowering Fempreneurs and is often referred to as the 'Conversion Queen'. Her mission is to help ambitious women in business, bridge the gap between 'meaningful marketing' and converting more and better clients. How? By applying the simple 3-step ASK-formula: A – Activate your RAS! S – Speak up! (Stand Up & Stand Out) K – Keep Trying In this presentation, Marlie will share: - How to create clarity around your sales funnel - How to know When/How/What to ask!!! - How to 'hack' our already programmed brain to get better results in a simple way. As a sales & marketing mindset mentor, Marlie thrives on helping Fempreneurs to achieve 'Better Results Faster'. She just became the new Ambassador of the League Of Extraordinary Women here on the Gold Coast. Time to kickstart 2019! When: Thursday 24th January at 7 am! Where: Wildernis, corner of 7th Avenue and GC Highway, Palm Beach Cost: $10 cash at the door, which pays for your first coffee/tea - you then get to order and pay for breakfast of your choice from Wildernis fabulous menu. Welcoming you back to the very first FEMALE Entrepreneurs breakfast! See you there! Susanne

'Your Body and You!' - How to ReEnergise, ReCharge and ReNew You!!!

Ready to get serious about feeling FABULOUS in 2019??? - Feeling the impact of "life" on your body and mind? - Lacking energy, vitality and the enthusiasm to do the things you love the most? - Dissatisfied with how your ageing body looks, feels and functions? Looking in the mirror can be ‘painful’ and an accumulation of life's stresses has left your mind and body feeling tired. It doesn’t have to be like this! 2019 is here! It is time to let go of some ‘bad habits’ occupying your body and mind. Replace it with a new shape, new positive attitude, and a renewed connection to your true, most vibrant inner self. Allowing the New You to emerge! People are always surprised when they learn my age. Now in my sixth decade, I enjoy an abundance of energy, an active lifestyle and a body I love (apparently my partner does too!!!). I have achieved this by integrating my 35 years of health and wellbeing study into my life. And I have distilled it down to following a few simple steps that whilst simple has a profound effect. At this workshop, I will share with you how to…. Eat Wisely, Exercise Enthusiastically, Sleep Profoundly, Play Sexy, Laugh Often….AND have a Passionate and Curious attitude to LIFE!!! The Six Steps to ReEnergise, ReCharge and ReNew You! 1. Youthful and Passionate Mind - with a Positive attitude - you will have FUN! Be endlessly curious and take RISKS! 2. Sustainable VITALITY and a Youthful BODY - How to create regular, balanced and enjoyable EXERCISE that suits you. How to align yourself and move with the Rhythms of NATURE! 3. The Power of Touch! Practical ways to reduce your "stress" levels and the impact they have on your body. Practice Gratitude and appreciate what you have here and Now! 4. Dynamic Relationships - The Art of Listening! Take plenty of Me time to Self Nurture and Listen to your own Heart’s Desire! Healthy Me Time creates better We time with family and friends! 5. A greater awareness of the role food plays for your vitality and health. Delicious Wise Nutrition. How to stay well HYDRATED! 6. Love your Sound SLEEP - interestingly, if you exercise, eat well, laugh lots, have regular fun sex and drink plenty of water - you’ll Sleep Profoundly! Why You ‘need’ to be there...... When you feel good everything else in life is so much easier, a life in flow. Better mindset, stable emotions, more energy and improved wellbeing come from You taking positive ACTION!!! I encourage you to avoid excuses and accept some healthy support for You and Your Body - yes, the ‘temple’ you live in! Come along to a refreshing day and find out how to move forward into 2019 with VIBRANCY in Body and Mind! When: Saturday, February 2nd, at 9:30 am - 3 pm Where: Fleks, 76 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads Price: $137, EARLY BIRD $97!!! Yep, book NOW, please! Looking forward to seeing you there! Susanne xx

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