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Feminism, Miscellaneous: Women in Literature
Hello! Feminism, Miscellaneous has two arms to our meetup. This is our monthly meeting, looking at a particular subject matter! Right off the top, I want to highlight that everyone is welcome! If you haven't been to one of these meetings before, no problem. We're a friendly bunch, and are looking forward to meeting you! Suggested readings are below, and if you don't have a chance to read them, no problem. We'll summarise at the top of the meeting. And typically our topic is the starting point for discussion that ends up covering many topics! If you have questions or concerns before the meeting, please feel free to reach out: the comments below are open, as are my direct messages :-) The first known novel was written by a Japanese woman, Murasaki Shikibu, in the 11th century. Zelda Fitzgerald, Sofia Tolstoy and Dorothy Wordsworth are a few of the women whose writing has been stolen or heavily drawn upon by husbands or close male relatives: often while being told their writing and ideas are worthless by those same men. And in modern Western publishing, many of women’s contributions are dismissively classed as “Chick Lit”. This is just to start us off as this doesn't get into the excessive white washing and straight washing of the Western canon. Flagging that my knowledge base tends to be English-language and white on this subject: any recommended reading or individuals's stories to discuss are encouraged and welcomed. Suggested reading: In Celebration of the Tale of Genji, the World's First Novel Zelda wasn't crazy: how what you don't know about Fitzgerald tells us something about 'crazy' women, then and now TW: descriptions of gaslighting, some casual use of ableist language Don't patronise popular fiction by women Two links, to be read in conjunction - Short twitter thread regarding Nicole Perlman's attempted lack of credit for writing Guardians of the Galaxy: Additional article about Perlman and the work she did on the script: And, I know this is a long list (!) but a nice one to round us out: Two paragraphs outlining women supporting women in Western literary history:

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Feminism, Miscellaneous is a space for feminists and feminist-supporters in BC to come together and have fun! We chat, laugh, commiserate, learn, and act.

There's pretty much no subject matter or activity that is excluded from feminism, and certainly it's a busy time for feminist engagement.

We’re an intersectional group, so all comers are welcome. We meet in spaces which are accessible, have gender-neutral bathrooms and are child-friendly. And welcome everyone with any level of spoken English. The only thing you need is to come respectfully and in good faith! We have great discussions, and all contributions are valued. We work together, mindfully, to create a safe space.

So if you’re new to feminism, wondering what it’s about or have been at it for years, join us!

At the moment, we have two arms to our community:

1. Original Flavour: in this, we meet on the third Saturday of every month, with a different focus for each meeting. There’s plenty to explore! We've looked at gender and sport, gender and astronomy, and have a few ongoing 'series' including: Gender and Art, and feminist snapshots around the world. There will be suggested readings for almost all meetings, but no worries if you haven’t had the chance to read them! We always recap what they were about when we begin. And if a particular topic isn’t one you’re knowledgeable about - that’s okay! We spend time discussing the topic, and often our conversations lead us down many an interesting avenue, unconnected to the original theme.

2. Practicing Intersectional Feminism Society: still in our early stages, we are coming together to collaborate on an activism initiative. Our focus is on the community, contributing to an intersectional and equitable future. If you haven’t been to one of our activism meetings before, and are interested, come along! We’ve so far found the process empowering and inspiring, and welcome anyone interested. We have not yet decided a particular day for a regular meeting so keep an eye on the meetup schedule.

Our space is a safe one, so to reiterate, regardless of subject matter, respect is expected from all attending.

To flag, at the moment, I (Kelly, hello!) select topics for our Original Flavour meetings and source the suggested readings. While I aim for materials which are based on reliable fact, are compassionate to the subject, and/or are Own Voices where appropriate, I am aware I have bias as a cis, white, able-bodied woman having grown up in Richmond, BC. I try to be mindful of this and flag per subject matter, and am always keen for additional resources to be shared if members have recommendations! I am also aware I will at some point err. When this happens, if you feel comfortable reaching out to me to let me know, I will be open to correction, suggestions, and anything else you may want to send my way, with gratitude.

I love feedback and ideas, so if there’s anything you’d like to see here or requests for things to be done differently, feel free to drop me a line. I’m also keen to find local, affordable indie coffee shops that we can support, so if anyone has suggestions about that, do let me know.

Other than that, my inbox is always open, and I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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